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Environmentally Friendly Shipping Operations for Earth Month

Environmentally Friendly Shipping Operations for Earth Month

At Hughes Enterprises, we believe in a sustainable future for the shipping and packaging industry. We are committed to eco-friendly stewardship and sustainable operations; it is our goal to educate businesses about the environmentally friendly shipping options available to incorporate in their own distribution centers. Designing an environmentally conscious operation is not only better for the environment, but it can also save time and money.

Integrated Shipping Solutions

The best and easiest way to achieve efficiency and decrease your carbon footprint in your warehouse is through changes in operational design. At Hughes, we strive to reduce environmental burden from the initial planning stages of a warehouse through the implementation and distribution process. And one way to optimize the workflow of the packaging line and maximize your available space is through integrated packaging solutions. This not only results in a higher speed, efficiency and productivity within the production line, but also decreases the overall carbon footprint on our environment.
Efficient shipping solutions leverage the best possible equipment options available and streamline the product distribution processes to reduce the impact of shipping products to customers. And by reducing their environmental footprint, companies can also increase brand loyalty while optimizing cost and performance.
So, move beyond the conventional packaging methods and materials; a shipping operation should be designed to optimize materials and energy consumption. And you can do that by making changes in your distribution center shipping processes and by the supplies used.

Shipping Supplies

Companies can make several tweaks (small or large) that will future ensure efficiencies and cost savings. These efficiencies can be achieved through simple everyday tasks such as reducing packaging waste and simply selecting the right sized box. Consumers have recently shown concern regarding excessive packaging and how much waste their e-commerce shopping habits create which makes this reduction more important than ever.
Plus, now that UPS and FedEx have imposed a dimensional weight pricing structure, it is wise to keep packages as small as possible so save on shipping costs and reduce environmental impact. In addition to using renewable or recycled materials, both of the above are examples of taking a step toward further increasing sustainability within a shipping operation.

Environmentally Friendly Shipping Solutions from Hughes

Sustainable green practices are not only an environmentally responsible business decision, they’re good for the financial stability of any business – positively impacting the surrounding communities. As part of a new or updated set of considerations for warehouse operations, sustainability can play a large role in shaping the growth of your business…and sustainable packaging can play a significant role in that growth.
Hughes Enterprises provides an economical and environmentally friendly shipping solution for both large and small warehouses. With adaptable machines that can be programmed to do a majority of the packing work, this equipment saves both time and money while minimizing impact on the environment. Contact us at 267-409-6100 for more information.