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The production and shipping area in today’s modern plant is the focal point for a variety of packaging equipment and automation needs.

Solving your packaging & shipping problems.

It’s the goal of many companies to ensure that their products consistently arrive on time and damage free. Hughes Enterprises specializes in designing and implementing proper packaging equipment solutions in such areas as void fill; case sealing; case packing; case erecting and case forming; strapping; stretch wrapping; labeling; marking; and shrink wrap. If there’s a packaging machine you need or process you’d like to implement, the Hughes team can help.

Hughes’ expert packaging consultants provide you with full automation and integration in your packaging and shipping lines. Even if you need a completely unique approach to help your packaging stand out from competitors or you need equipment that can withstand extreme environments, we’re ready to provide you with the right options to meet your packaging needs.

We are prepared to serve the packaging needs of numerous industries and are always ready to provide you with customized options to fit your organization’s unique needs. With decades of experience in packaging, we’ve seen it all. We’re ready to help with even the most unusual circumstances or unexpected challenges.

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