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Sealed Air I-Pack® Automated Void Reduction System

Designed to increase fulfillment velocity, the Sealed Air I-Pack® Automated Void Reduction System minimizes shipping, consumables and operating costs while optimizing productivity. A single I-Pack system, in fact, can support multiple pick stations, while reallocating people dedicated to packing.

One of the most efficient automated packaging systems available, the I-Pack offers industry-best throughput, right-size material calculations executed in real-time and an innovative packaging solution that reduces damage during transit. It offers consistent and efficient protection, regardless of production speed, box filling rate or product mix.

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Product Details

  • System can process multiple depth trays with a common footprint
  • Accurate material amounts eliminate waste and reduce freight costs
  • Ability to custom print enhances brand image
  • Corrugated material may be sourced locally
  • Patented package construction keeps items secure during transit
  • Special fold increases box strength and adds protection
  • Cushioning can be auto-inserted
  • Tamper-evident glue seals securely
  • Built-in tear strip allows easy opening


  • Inflatable cushioning: NewAir I.B.® Express
  • Paper cushioning: PackTiger® System
  • Fugitive glue
  • Optional shipping label and packing list


Two modules: tray-forming, and height adjustment and lidding
Optional auto-inserted cushioning: inflatable and paper
Positive environmental profile: 100 percent recyclable corrugated packaging

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