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Sharp Max 20 Automated Bagging Machine

The Sharp Max 20 automatic bagging machine handles bags larger than what the Sharp Max 12 can accommodate. This efficient packaging equipment features an aluminum jaw, heavy duty drive fingers and a constantly-heated sealing mechanism that lasts longer than an impulse sealer.

Product Details

This automatic bagging machine operates on a PC-based system. Manuals and video clips on the HMI help you to quickly troubleshoot.

Find out what an automatic bagging system can do for your packaging line. To learn more about the Sharp Max 20, talk to a representative from Hughes Enterprises today.


  • Runs bags up to 20 inches wide
  • Adjusts to a wide range of heights
  • Accommodates products up to 10-by-10 inches
  • Higher throughput than other comparable models
  • Multi-position jaw for quick changeovers
  • Standard components for easy maintenance
  • Videojet DataFlex Plus thermal transfer printer so you can print bar codes, alphanumeric fonts and graphics directly on to the package


Speed 50 bags per minute
Overall Machine Footprint 52.6 inches wide by 49.8 inches long
Height with Imprinter 39.8 inches to 45.9 inches high
Weight 348 lbs./158 kg

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