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Sharp Max Pro 18 Automatic Bagging Machine

This advanced automatic bagging system was built for increased productivity and ease of use. It feeds Sharp’s E-Z Bags through the machine to be opened, filled and sealed.

Product Details

The Sharp Max Pro 18 is an automated poly bagging system that will help improve productivity. It features a tool-free jaw changeover, so with the touch of a button you can adjust the bag size. With easier bag changeover and threading, you’ll save time during production and training.

The Max Pro 18 takes up a small amount of floor space and can be integrated into existing modular systems. It features advanced diagnostics that notice potential problems with individual components before they fail.

This efficient bagging system has a lightweight, obstruction-sensing, aluminum jaw for faster cycling times. It also features heavy duty drive fingers and a constantly heated sealing mechanism. The thermal printer prints bar codes, graphics, and alphanumeric fonts directly onto the package.

This automated poly bagging machine is great for industries such as eCommerce, small parts, retail, pharmaceutical and medical, injection molding, food, and fulfillment.

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  • Constantly heated sealing mechanism 
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive HMI with color touchscreen
  • Save job settings and store and create label designs in the HMI
  • Predictive Maintenance thanks to cutting edge diagnostics
  • Less downtime
  • Easy, tool-free jaw bag changeover and threading
  • Moveable printhead ensure precise positioning
  • Small footprint
  • Easily fits into existing modular systems
  • Compatible with rolls and boxes of bags


Dimensions 41.5” wide x 71.75” long x 38.4” to 43.5” high
Weight 710 lb.
Air 80-100 PSI, 5 CFM
Electrical Requirements 110 VAC, 15 Amp
Bag Width Range 2-18 inches
Bag Length Range 3.5-40 inches
Film Gauge Range 1-4 mil
Bag Type Rolls or folded in box
Speed requirements 50 bags per minute
Printer Zebra integrated printer
Print resolution 203/300
Print width Up to 4 inches
Printer HMI Integrated into Max Pro 18 bagging system

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