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Audion SpeedPack Hybrid Bag Sealing Machine

Hughes offers the Audion Speedpack Hybrid as a sophisticated auto bagger for mail order fulfillment bagging and packaging.

Product Details

The Audion Speedpack Hybrid bagging system works with pre-opened bags as well as on a roll. This innovative design results in extreme cost savings on the poly bag, reducing overall mail order fulfillment bagging and packaging costs. The bag length can be changed to right-size the package for mail order fulfillment.


  • Maximum bag size on the Speedpack is 16″ wide x 24″ long
  • Cost effective
  • Next bag out printing on the Speedpack auto bagger allows the packer to scan a packing list and print the shipping label on the next bag that will be fed out by the auto bagger. This feature eliminates queuing of the products.

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