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E-pak Low Gravity Filler

Hughes has E-PAK Machinery’s Table Top Gravity Filler which is a convenient, highly effective and economical filling machine for low volume production.

An operator simply positions the bottles under the fill heads and begins the fill cycle with a push of a button or a press of the foot pedal switch. Once the fill times have timed-out, the fill head timers electronically stop each head at the predetermined fill level. This automatic set-up capability make switching containers or product a snap and hassle-free. Capable of being constructed with an array of wetted parts, this machine is built to meet the most challenging liquid packaging applications in a very cost effective manner.

Product Details

E-PAK Machinery’s Low Gravity Filler is extremely operator friendly and highly effective filling machine. This automatic set-up capability ensures that changing containers or product is easy, quick, and hassle free.


Easy to Use – Designed for quick setup of a packaging operation. Multiple available models insure a close match to your product packaging needs.
Flexibility – You can package many different products into various containers of many shapes and sizes with just one machine. Changeover from container to container is minimal and quick. This increases your flexibility and decreases your packaging costs.
High Value Low investment – This decreases the risk for a new product line and maximizes the potential return on investment. Stainless steel construction allows for many years of use.

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