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Combi Ambidextrous 2-EZ HS Fully Automatic Case Erector

If your production area is cluttered with multiple case erectors or manually formed and sealed cases, it’s time for an upgrade. Reclaim your valuable floor space and reduce your labor costs with this ambidextrous case forming machine.  

Product Details

The Combi Ambidextrous 2-EZ HS is equipped to erect and seal a wide range of corrugated case styles with different print orientation. Ideal for use in contract packaging and fulfillment operations, this reliable case erector offers enhanced versatility when compared to the 2-EZ HS base model. Operators have the flexibility to erect both right and left-handed cases with a single piece of equipment. 

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  • Combi’s case erectors are used by a wide range of industries.
  • Featuring positive four flap closing – rotary actuators and a fixed guide close the major box flaps, which provides for smooth and gradual closing of the major flaps. 
  • Self-cleaning vacuum system with vacuum generator consumes a conservative amount of air. 
  • Allen Bradley operator interface provides enhanced communications and expanded application capabilities.
  • Adjustable carriage stop design provides faster speeds and case size range 
  • Hinged case hold-down plate allows for easier tapehead removal  
  • Large electrical enclosure leaves room for future equipment integration 
  • No overhead cross members in doorways provides easy access for maintenance 
  • Only five adjustment points with digital indicators means the tapehead and side belts adjust together 
  • Opposite hand case modification includes a self-adjusting RH/LH case forming option  
  • Positive four-flap system combines rotary actuators and a fixed guide to provide smooth and gradual closing 
  • Self-cleaning vacuum system with vacuum generator leads to conservative air usage 


Speed Up to 20 cases per minute (CPM)
Minimum Case Size 8 inches long, 6 inches wide, 5 inches high
Maximum Case Size 24 inches long, 16 inches wide, 18 inches high
Electrical Requirements 240 volt/3 ph/20A

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