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Semi Automatic
Case Erectors

Get the Operational Support You Need to Scale Your Business Short on space and budget? A semi-automatic case erector is the perfect addition to your low-volume production line. The compact footprint is ideal for when space is limited, and at a fraction of the cost of fully automatic case erectors, these case formers are suitable for nearly any budget.

Semi Automatic Case Erectors

At Hughes Enterprises, we’re fully committed to delivering end-of-line solutions that help you meet your production goals. We’ve partnered with Wexxar Bel to bring your semi-automatic Wexxar case erector solutions that fit your volume requirements and budget.

To learn more about our semi-automatic carton formers, give us a call at (609) 586-7200 or request a quote online. No matter your needs, our representatives can help you create a customized end-of-line packaging system.

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Implement End-of-Line Solutions That Boost Operational Efficiency Speed up your production line with cost-saving case erectors that turn flat boxes into their proper shape, ready for packing your products. Increase your production volume and scale your operations incrementally using semi-automated case erectors designed specifically with your operational requirements in mind. Create an efficient and precise packaging flow while minimizing the cost of labor and packaging. We have semi-automatic case erector solutions for a variety of needs. Find yours today.

Primary Considerations of Semi-Automatic Case Erectors

A semi-automatic case erector machine can prove beneficial for small to mid-sized manufacturing and processing operations looking for efficient solutions that aid their packaging line. With the integration of these machines into your processes, you can increase efficiency and productivity by improving your end-of-line packaging. The following are some of the considerations you need to make when selecting case erectors for your production line.

  • Speed: The speed of a semi-automatic case erector will depend on the size and complexity of the cases being produced. The other limiting factor is the speed and skill of the operator.
  • Ease of use: An excellent semi-automatic case erector should be effortless for operators to use, with clear instructions and simple controls.
  • Maintenance: It is important to regularly maintain the case erector to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Case size range: Make sure the case erector can handle the range of case sizes you need to produce.
  • Changeover time: This refers to the time it takes to change the machine over to produce different case sizes, which should be as short as possible. Look for machines that offer easy switching between modes of operation to minimize any loss of productivity.
  • Glue/Tape system: The machine must be able to apply a sufficient amount of glue or tape to ensure strong case seams, yet just enough for maximum savings.
  • Safety features: Look for a case erector with safety features such as guards and emergency stop buttons to protect operators.


Manufacturers we stand behind
Manufacturers we stand behind

Hughes Enterprises offers fully-automated packaging systems from industry leader Sealed Air. Contact us to learn more about our manufacturer partnerships.

We’re there when you need us
We’re there when you need us

When downtime strikes on your packaging line, never wonder who to call to get operations back up and running. Hughes Enterprises offers 24/7 maintenance and support for the life of your automated packaging system.

An E-commerce Manager of a Pet Supply Distribution Center is saying...

Hughes has been a great partner in our growth throughout the years. Hughes is always looking for ways to provide us new and cost-effective ideas that will help us provide a great customer experience.

A Plant Engineer of a Large Food Manufacturer is saying...

My first experience with Hughes Enterprises was in 2004. We had a challenging plant installation for a custom food processor and Hughes Enterprises was able to bring the right solutions to us and build in for potential growth. I have relied on Hughes Enterprises ever since for our packaging needs.

An E-commerce Manager is saying...

Service in our industry is paramount and the service provided by Hughes has been outstanding; we are very fortunate to have a partner like Hughes Enterprises.

A Service Manager of a National Electronics Retailer is saying...

We partner with Hughes Enterprises for dependability and cost-savings. They are a team of dedicated, responsive, knowledgeable individuals who help to make my job as a Purchasing Agent flawless.

A Service Manager is saying

Service in our industry is paramount and the service provided by Hughes has been outstanding; we are very fortunate to have a partner like Hughes Enterprises.

A Plant Engineer is saying

Hughes has the expertise and knowledge to provide the proper equipment at a completive price. They listen to our needs and even travel thousands of miles to serve us to ensure we get the proper packaging equipment solutions and are always on site for start-up and “after the sale” support. They continue to exceed our expectations. This relationship has spanned well over a decade.

A Printing Company Manager is saying

We partner with Hughes Enterprises for dependability and cost-savings. They are a team of dedicated, responsive, knowledgeable individuals who help to make my job as a Purchasing Agent flawless.

A Purchasing Manager is saying...

The workmanship and fortitude of the Hughes sales rep far surpasses our expectations in this fast-paced and demanding industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: What is a case erector?

A case erector machine is a type of packaging equipment that enables the fast and efficient assembly of boxes. From a flat configuration of boxes loaded in magazine form, case erectors take the box and transform it into its usable form, ready to be filled with products at the end of the production line. These machines offer increased productivity while minimizing labor and material costs, easy changeovers, and easy integration with case sealers to ensure a faster, more efficient operation than manual packing stations.


Q: How are case erectors different from case sealers?

Both case erectors and case sealers are excellent end-of-line machines that improve the overall processing speed of the entire line. However, they perform different functions in making the final box an ideal package. Case erectors build the initial box from a flat configuration into the final package, ready to receive and secure your products. Meanwhile, case sealers enclose the box and seal it after being filled with products. 


Q: Why should I opt for a semi-automatic case erector over an automatic one?

It all depends on your current needs and production volume. Typically, companies opt for a semi-automatic Wexxar case erector when they’re looking to scale their business operations gradually. These machines are generally smaller and less expensive while involving the need for an operator in the end, making it a perfect choice for small to mid-scale operations and those looking for an entry-level option in automation. However, if you’re looking for a case erector solution that can handle high volumes, then the fully-automated option is the best way to go