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ID Technology iCON & iCONnet Laser Coders

ID Technology’s iCON laser marking equipment is specifically designed for small character coding applications in packaged goods and industrial products, where it offers users an inexpensive laser alternative to inkjet.

Product Details

The iCON laser coder can print up to four lines of text either statically or dynamically. It comes complete with an integrated touch screen interface, photocell, nose cone protection, stand and mounting bracket. The iCONnet laser coder also comes with Ethernet capability. It uses MarcaLite software to print logos, graphics and alphanumerics.

Both laser coders are reliable and easy to use. They don’t use consumables, so they have a low cost of ownership. They won’t leave a mess, and there are no solvent emissions.

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  • Small and compact, so it’s easy to install in even the most confined production locations
  • High-performance optics
  • Powerful hardware
  • Advanced, low-overhead, WYSIWYG software
  • Integrated touchscreen interface
  • Static or dynamic printing
  • No consumables
  • Low maintenance
  • Optional remote control


iCON 10W 632.5 x 126.15 x 183 mm
iCON 30W 725 x 183.5 x 237 mm
Permanent codes at high speeds
Air cooled
Dot Matrix and Vector Fonts
Innovative air filter design
Emergency stop button

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