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Combi Ergopack with Robotic Pick and Place Case Packing

Technology and innovation — that’s the motto of the Combi Ergopack robotic case packer. These versatile case packing machines delivers increased throughput and efficiency for the most demanding end-of-line operations. Not only is this leading equipment built with a rugged steel frame, it’s powerful motors are built for performance.

Product Details

No longer just used for strength and palletizing, today’s pick and place robots are nimbler, gentler and capable of a wider range of packaging tasks. There’s a reason so many companies choose the robotic Ergopack from Combi. One of the nation’s most popular case packers, this machine offers unmatched speed and precision, with the ability for complete customization.

See if your company can benefit from the flexibly and reliability of a pick and place robot for case packing. Reach out to our experienced packaging consultants by requesting a quote now online or at (609) 586-7200 to discuss options for case packing systems or to get started.


  • Complies with the most rigorous industry regulations
  • Meets requirements for variety packs and retail-ready packaging
  • Takes on tasks that are difficult or unsafe for humans
  • Throughput and productivity improvements along with valuable cost savings
  • Accommodates a wide range of product sizes and pick positions
  • Customized 6-axis LR Mate Robot based on design, fabrication and electrical software requirements
  • End-of-arm tooling for nimbler product handling
  • Fixed robot base and interlocking perimeter guarding
  • Integrated case erector, hand packing station, product infeed conveyor and case sealer
  • Mechanical engineering and robot configuration, including PLC/PMC, HMI and vision programming
  • Robotic iRVision system

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