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Case Sealers

Case Sealers

Enjoy Improved Productivity and Consistent Results With the Right Equipment

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Make your end-of-line packaging seamless and efficient with a custom case sealers from Hughes Enterprises. A crucial last step in your packaging system, case sealing machines ensure the safety of your products during processing and delivery. With our knowledgeable and experienced staff, you can find the right equipment for your needs so that your cases are sealed, secure, and ready to ship.

A case sealer for nearly every application

Through partnerships with 3M, Combi, and Wexxar Bel, Hughes Enterprises offers case-sealing solutions to fulfill virtually any packaging need. Our machines are built with a focus on flexibility and come in different types, including fully automatic, semi-automatic, and L-clip models. We also offer high-quality glues, tapes for box taping machines, and other accessories you need, many times free of cost. Hughes Enterprises covers all bases to help you improve your throughput without driving your expenses. 

After working in nearly every industry and with almost every packaging line, we offer a variety of packaging equipment and supplies to meet all your needs. Give us a call at (609) 586-7200 or request a quote online to learn more about our case-sealing machines.

L-clip case sealers

Secure Multi-Flap and Complex Cases With Speed and Efficiency Don’t let sealing non-RSC-style boxes hamper your production. These versatile, easy-to-operate Tach-It and 3M case sealers can effortlessly seal five-panel folds, full overlap, and straight tuck or reverse tuck end boxes, as well as chipboard and corrugated box variations.

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Manufacturers we stand behind
Manufacturers we stand behind

Hughes Enterprises offers fully-automated packaging systems from industry leader Sealed Air. Contact us to learn more about our manufacturer partnerships.

We’re there when you need us
We’re there when you need us

When downtime strikes on your packaging line, never wonder who to call to get operations back up and running. Hughes Enterprises offers 24/7 maintenance and support for the life of your automated packaging system.

An E-commerce Manager of a Pet Supply Distribution Center is saying...

Hughes has been a great partner in our growth throughout the years. Hughes is always looking for ways to provide us new and cost-effective ideas that will help us provide a great customer experience.

A Plant Engineer of a Large Food Manufacturer is saying...

My first experience with Hughes Enterprises was in 2004. We had a challenging plant installation for a custom food processor and Hughes Enterprises was able to bring the right solutions to us and build in for potential growth. I have relied on Hughes Enterprises ever since for our packaging needs.

An E-commerce Manager is saying...

Service in our industry is paramount and the service provided by Hughes has been outstanding; we are very fortunate to have a partner like Hughes Enterprises.

A Service Manager of a National Electronics Retailer is saying...

We partner with Hughes Enterprises for dependability and cost-savings. They are a team of dedicated, responsive, knowledgeable individuals who help to make my job as a Purchasing Agent flawless.

A Service Manager is saying

Service in our industry is paramount and the service provided by Hughes has been outstanding; we are very fortunate to have a partner like Hughes Enterprises.

A Plant Engineer is saying

Hughes has the expertise and knowledge to provide the proper equipment at a completive price. They listen to our needs and even travel thousands of miles to serve us to ensure we get the proper packaging equipment solutions and are always on site for start-up and “after the sale” support. They continue to exceed our expectations. This relationship has spanned well over a decade.

A Printing Company Manager is saying

We partner with Hughes Enterprises for dependability and cost-savings. They are a team of dedicated, responsive, knowledgeable individuals who help to make my job as a Purchasing Agent flawless.

A Purchasing Manager is saying...

The workmanship and fortitude of the Hughes sales rep far surpasses our expectations in this fast-paced and demanding industry.


What Are the Different Types of Case Sealers?

There are four main types of case sealers, carton tapers, and automatic box-taping machines: 

  • Semi-Automatic Uniform Case Sealers 

Semi-automatic uniform case sealing machines work with standard-sized boxes and seal them from top to bottom. However, operators are needed to fold the box flaps and feed the cases to the unit. 

  • Fully Automatic Uniform Case Sealers 

Unlike semi-automatic case sealers, an automatic box-taping machine takes care of the flap folding and introduces cases to the equipment. This eliminates the need for an operator to be constantly present. Once set to a specific width and height, it automatically folds top flaps and closes boxes from top to bottom. 

Fully automatic uniform case sealers can be an excellent fit for facilities that regularly process high volumes of same-sized cases. 


  • Semi-Automatic Random Case Sealers

This case sealing machine type requires an operator to fold the top flaps and feed the boxes into the equipment. However, unlike semi-automatic uniform case sealers, random case sealing machines can adapt to any case height and width without requiring manual adjustments. 


  • Fully Automatic Random Case Sealers 

Facilities handling high-volume, varied outputs can benefit from integrating a fully automatic random case sealer into their packaging line. This case sealer type eliminates manual top flap folding and setups to run random-sized boxes. 


Can Case Sealers Be Integrated With Other Packaging Equipment?

Hughes Enterprises offers case sealing machines that can operate as a standalone case sealer or as part of an existing packaging line. They carry a versatile, modular design, allowing for effortless integration into various packaging systems. 

What Types of Boxes Can a Case Sealer Seal?

Case sealers can close corrugated boxes and are commonly used for sealing regular slotted containers (RSC). In this box style, the inner flaps are the same length, and the two outer flaps meet at the center of the case when it is closed.

Case sealing machines can also work with half-slotted containers, straight tuck or reverse tuck end boxes, and five-panel folds, among many others.

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