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Combi RS3000 Fully Automatic Random Case Sealer

Don’t let case sealing slow down your operations. Support your high-speed, high-volume packaging needs with the Combi RS3000. Built for quick size changeovers and flexible performance, this versatile case sealing machine tapes boxes with speed and precision.

Product Details

With its simultaneous three-stage sealing process, the RS3000 indexes cases with an automatic gating mechanism, folds all four top flaps, and then seals the top and bottom. The Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and dual motors deliver precise positioning and consistent sealing, and each machine is custom engineered to meet your specifications.

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  • Electric control panel with main disconnect switch can be mounted on either side of the machine
  • Custom engineering to meet your specifications, including variations in case size, weight and operator orientation
  • Top flap compression rollers on each side positions and closes flaps before taping
  • Servo controls provide consistent power for precise positioning and greater response time
  • 3M AccuGlide™ taping heads precisely apply a full range of box sealing tapes in 2-inch to 3-inch widths
  • Sliding access doors with electrical interlocks disconnect power and air for operator safety
  • Allen Bradley PLC allows for high-speed production


Speed Up to 15 cases per minute (CPM)
Case Size Handles cases up to 22 inches high
Overall Machine Footprint 62 inches wide, 13 feet, 11 inches long
Electrical Requirements 240V/60 Hz electronics/30A

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