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3M 7000r Semi-Automatic Random Case Sealer

Streamline your end-of-line operations with the 7000r case sealer from 3M. Through advanced technology and random case sealing, this case erector machine supports manufacturers and distributors with fast and flexible packaging.

Product Details

The 3M 7000r can handle as many as 24 different case sizes per minute, automatically adjusting to various heights and widths. It comes standard with a 2-inch taping head but can be easily interchanged with a 3-inch head. From food and beverage to medical devices and electronics, this case taping machine can be successfully integrated into a wide range of applications.

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  • Randomly adjusts to various box sizes
  • Can tape boxes as heavy as 85 pounds
  • AccuGlide™ taping heads ensure no box damage
  • Flexibility in sealing shorter boxes
  • Photo eye detection for box centering
  • Electro-mechanical height adjustment
  • Top and bottom drive belt system
  • 2-inch or 3-inch box-sealing tape
  • Exit conveyor
  • Locking casters
  • Low tape indicator
  • Tape application monitor


Top and Bottom Seal Rates Up to 24 cases per minute (CPM)
Minimum Case Size 6 inches long, 6 inches wide
Maximum Case Size Unlimited length, 26.5 inches wide
Overall Machine Footprint 46.25 inches long, 37.75 inches wide, 104 inches high

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