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Tach-It 3350 Bag Opener

Tach-It 3350 Bag Opener

Pack Faster

Easily open wicketed bags and insert bakery items, produce, newspapers, candy and more with the Tach-It 3350.

Hughes Enterprises

Tach-It 3350 and #3350A Bag Opener

This bag-opening machine is made with all metal components and can be used in a vertical or horizontal position. It features adjustable arms and air velocity controls.

Find out what a wicketed bag opener can do for your packaging line. To learn more about the Tach-It 3350, talk to a representative from Hughes Enterprises today.

Standard Features

  • Product loading arms with adjustable height

  • All metal components with stainless steel top plates, arms and loading platen

  • Adjustable air velocity

Dimensions 26 inches long by 17 inches wide by 13.5 inches high
Weight 30 lbs.
Wicket Size Industry standard non-perforated wicketed bags (2- to 10-inch-wide wicket)
Maximum Bag Size 12 inches by 32 inches
Minimum Bag Size 2 inches by 2 inches
Power 110 volt (220 volt available)

We’re there when you need us
We’re there when you need us

Hughes Enterprises offers 24/7 on-site maintenance and support services, so you never have to wonder who to call when downtime strikes. Whether you’re looking for installation assistance, routine maintenance or emergency support, reach out to discuss your needs with a factory certified support technician.

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