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Audion Pronto Bag Sealing Machine

Audion Pronto Bag Sealing Machine

The Audion Pronto is typically a wall mounted sealer type of bagging system, but it can also be fixed on a work bench. It is a small sealer which can be used where space is limited.

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The Audion Pronto sealer has been designed to close plastic bags. With a timer, the right sealing time can be set, accordingly to the film you are using. This machine offers ease of operations, Once the bag is filled, it is placed between the sealing bars. With a simple push on the sealing bar, the bar will close and the sealing cycle will start. During sealing time, a control light indicates the cycle.

The Pronto can be used in areas where space is limited and can be mounted to a wall or table or where the bag needs to be held upright while sealing. Because the Audion Pronto uses impulse for sealing, no warm-up time is required.

Seal Length : 10″, 16″

Seal Width : 3/32″

Maximum Film Thickness (PE) : 2 x 8 mil

Electrical Requirements : 115V

Seal timer with cycle indication light

Two year limited warranty

We’re there when you need us
We’re there when you need us

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