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Brenton MasterPal Bulk (de)Palletizer EoAT

The Brenton MasterPal bulk depalletizer features patented MasterPal technology, which palletizes or depalletizes full layers at one time, up to 500 lbs., at speeds of up to five full layers a minute.

Product Details

The MasterPal’s “cradle and place” technology combines a servo-operated rotary tool and slat system to produce tight layer grids of palletized product. With End of Arm Tooling (EoAT) for multiple palletizing and depalletizing applications, the MasterPal handles empty or full bulk items, bags, cases, bottles or irregular-shaped packs. It also handles open or sealed cases, trays, display packs, bundles and bulk products.

MasterPal handles any shape or type of product consistently and gently.

Find out what a bulk depalletizer can do for your operations. To learn more about the Brenton MasterPal Bulk (de)Palletizer, talk to a representative from Hughes Enterprises today.


  • Any shape or type of product can be handled, even gentle-requirement products
  • No compromising speed in palletizing or depalletizing trays, large loads, bulk items and bundles
  • Consistent, tight layer grids of palletized product
  • Handles full layers of products up to 500 lbs.
  • Palletizes or depalletizes up to five full layers a minute
  • Outperforms vacuum pick and rollers
  • Slatted apron supports an entire layer of product

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