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Motion Controls Robotics Palletizer

Motion Controls Robotics designs easy-to-use robotic case palletizing systems that reduce costs through decreased labor and less ergonomic injuries. This system offers increased cycle rates up to 28 strokes per minute. And it’s highly reliable, reducing downtime.

Product Details

Flexible enough to handle various configurations and process adjustments on the fly, the Motion Controls Robotics’ recipe keeps part data, such as product size and packing pattern, place locations and vacuum pattern.

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  • Intuitive operation
  • High reliability and uptime (80,000 hours mean time between failures)
  • Reduced floor space requirements
  • Handles various stack patterns
  • Quick changeover using adjustable tools and stored recipes
  • Automatic pallet dispensing and empty pallet transfer conveyors
  • Slip sheet placement and automatic tier sheet insertion
  • Full pallet transfer and accumulation conveyors
  • Mixed load pallets
  • Built-in operator pendant with stored recipes
  • PalletPRO™ software allows easy creation of new patterns as well as modifications to existing pattern

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