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ZT400 Series Industrial Printer

The Zebra ZT400 Series Industrial Printer was designed for use in tough printing environments. Its reliability and durability are unmatched and it comes loaded with advanced features. With the ZT400 you can be assured that all your prints will be consistently of the highest quality. This model offers a step ahead in print speed, registration and connectivity.

Product Details

The ZT400 Industrial Printer is packed with improved features to keep your printing operations at a maximum efficiency. This printer is easily integrated and connected into your current printing processes. With the Link-OS system, this printer easily connects to any software that you are currently using. This includes cloud connectivity so that it securely merges with the cloud to forward any data. 

The simplicity of changing over labels and ribbons will limit your downtime and keep your printing processes up and running. ZT400 printers are designed with the intention to grow and evolve with your business. They are very flexible and can be used in nearly any environment.


  • Up to 6” print width
  • 14 inches/second print speed
  • LCD interface
  • 600 dpi print quality
  • Advanced connectivity

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