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Sealed Air Fill-Air Flow Air Pillow Machine

Sealed Air Fill-Air Flow Air Pillow Machine

This compact, on-demand inflatable air cushion system is perfect for small businesses, packaging and shipping stores, and ship-from-store operations.

Hughes Enterprises

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The Sealed Air Fill-Air Flow will easily adapt to your business to help you work more efficiently. It features a compact design and can be mounted on a wall (or a table stand).

The Fill-Air Flow features two ways to replenish inflated bags. The first is a sensor the operator swipes their hand over once for one bag or twice for two bags. The second is a pull-down tether for auto-replacing up to 3 feet of bags when fully extended.

This air pillow machine also offers low or high inflation settings. And, it has the ability to inflate 100 bags in one batch.

Find out what an inflatable air pillow machine can do for your end-of-line operations. To learn more about the Sealed Air Fill-Air Flow, talk to a representative from Hughes Enterprises today.

Standard Features

  • Easy to use

  • Choose between low or high inflation

  • Ability to inflate 100 bags in one batch

  • Re-inflate bags using the one-way valve

  • Compact footprint

  • Wall mounting plate

  • Tether switch

  • Universal power adapters plugs

  • Table mount stand is available

Size: 14” long, 8” wide, 13” high

Film Roll: 500 10” x 8” bags per roll

Low Inflation: 20 bags per minute

High Inflation: 11 bags per minute

We’re there when you need us
We’re there when you need us

Hughes Enterprises offers 24/7 on-site maintenance and support services, so you never have to wonder who to call when downtime strikes. Whether you’re looking for installation assistance, routine maintenance or emergency support, reach out to discuss your needs with a factory certified support technician.

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