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Storopack AIRplus Excel Inflatable Air Cushion Machine

Storopack AIRplus Excel Inflatable Air Cushion Machine

This is the original hybrid cushioning system. The AirSpeed HC delivers superior cushioning materials on demand.

Hughes Enterprises

Featured Pregis AirSpeed 5000 Inflatable Air Cushion System Video

The Pregis Airspeed HC is designed for heavy-duty performance void fill. It produces inflated cushions at 75 feet per minute. The Hybrid Cushioning material is perforated, so it’s easy to tear. And, it retains its shape and protective qualities when folded or wrapped.

HC fill comes flattened on a roll, which will help you save space in your warehouse or shipping area. One pallet of film can be converted into protective packaging that is the equivalent of nearly 1.5 truckloads of traditional bubble.

Find out what an inflatable air cushion packaging system can do for your end-of-line operations. To learn more about the Pregis AirSpeed HC Versa, talk to a representative from Hughes Enterprises today.

Standard Features

  • On-demand production of air pillows

  • Fits into any packaging line

  • Small footprint, portable

  • Tabletop or stand mounts

  • Stand mount holds three rolls of film for less downtime

  • Reliable, durable equipment

  • Diverse range of films available for every application

Dimensions: 18” W x 15” D x 22” H

Weight: 42 lb.

Air Supply: Ambient

Speed: 45 feet per minute

Electrical Requirements: 120 volt, 2 amps

We’re there when you need us
We’re there when you need us

Hughes Enterprises offers 24/7 on-site maintenance and support services, so you never have to wonder who to call when downtime strikes. Whether you’re looking for installation assistance, routine maintenance or emergency support, reach out to discuss your needs with a factory certified support technician.

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