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Sealed Air FasFil 1500 Paper Void Fill Machine

This ergonomic, high-performance paper void fill machine is great for workstations, yet fast enough to be integrated into a packaging line.

Product Details

The FasFil 1500 uses 100% curbside recyclable paper to create fanfold packaging paper. It features a variety of modes, including manual, programmed length and auto repeat, to help you achieve high throughput.

The machine is easy to use, thanks to footswitch operation and digital controls that allow for customized paper lengths. It can fit an existing conveyor system due to adjustable height and swivel options. Paper jams are a rare occurrence, so you’ll have greater uptime.

Find out what a paper void fill packaging system can do for your end-of-line operations. To learn more about the Sealed Air FasFil 1500, talk to a representative from Hughes Enterprises today.


  • Uses 100% curbside recyclable paper
  • Paper has a lofted, crimped design
  • Paper is available in three different basis weights
  • Reaches speeds up to 390 ft. per minute
  • Easy-to-use
  • Flexible positioning
  • Can be mounted to a floor or table stand
  • Cut and Hold function for continuous paper fill production
  • Simple footswitch operation
  • Digital controls
  • Reliable and durable

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