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PlexPack B-180 Tray and Sleeve Wrappers

Reaching speeds of up to 40 packages per minute, the Damark PlexPack B-180 series wraps bottles, cans, boxes and cartons with ease and efficiency. Especially if you are in the e-commerce, retail or distribution industry, the PlexPack B-180 series could be the ideal solution for your end-of-line operations.

Product Details

This collection of fully automatic, industrial sleeve wrappers comes complete with a range of top-of-the-line performance features. Roller/belt infeed conveyors, photo-cell product sensing, pneumatic sealing heads and motorized product discharge conveyors add precision and reliability to the most demanding packaging lines.

Talk to an experienced packaging consultant at Hughes Enterprises to determine a size and configuration that could work for you. With options ranging from 24-inch-seal-head to 74-inch-seal-head, solutions are available for nearly every operation and application.

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  • Air-infused pneumatic seal heads for more reliable, precise seals
  • Extended infeed product discharge conveyors for more ergonomic configurations
  • Alarm to alert operators to broken seals
  • Fully automatic, in-line, high speed tray wrappers deliver more streamlined efficiency
  • Increased seal open easily accommodates taller products
  • Inline product pushers help to minimize repetitive labor
  • Integrated separation infeed system offers better automation
  • Indicator that appears when film levels are low
  • Photo-cell product sensors with high/low speed anticipators
  • Product upstacking capabilities


Film Gauge 1.5 to 3.0 mm
Film Roll Core Up to 3 inches
Film Roll Diameter Up to 12 inches
Film Roll Width Up to 30 inches
Film Type Low density polyethylene
Height Range Up to 20 inches
Length (flow direction) Minimum of 6 inches
Width (across machine) 8 to 26 inches
Speed Up to 40 packages per minute

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