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Tekkra Shrink Bundling Systems

Looking to unitize multiple products for easy distribution? The robust designs of Tekkra’s shrink bundling systems provide maximum reliability and minimal maintenance for your end-of-line operations. These bundling systems produce bulls-eye closures, which are ideal for the stabilization of bundle packaging.

Product Details

Many industries can benefit from the versatile performance of a shrink bunding system. Especially in distribution, e-commerce and contract manufacturing facilities, this high-performance equipment line can help to keep products more secure and professional in appearance.

To learn more about Tekkra shrink bundling systems, request a quote online or give us a call at (609) 586-7200. Be sure to ask about our competitive pricing options and unmatched customer service guarantee.

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  • Heavy-duty frame with powder-coat finish
  • User-friendly, ergonomic designs for quick film changes
  • Maximized maintenance accessibility
  • Digital readouts for improved accuracy
  • Cooling stations help to speed up film curing
  • Project specific designs available
  • Tekkra Entry Level Shrink Wrapper and Bundler Triad System
  • Tekkra In-Line Sleeve Wrapper 100 Series
  • Tekkra Side Infeed Multipacker 200 Series
  • Tekkra Side Infeed Multipacker 200 Series
  • Tekkra Off-Set In-Line Multipacker 300 Series
  • Tekkra In-Line Carrier Conveyor Wrapper 700 Series
  • Tekkra Continuous Motion Tray Wrapping 1000 Series
  • Tekkra Continuous Motion In-Line Bundler 5100 Series
  • Tekkra Continuous Motion Side In-Feed Bundler 5200 Series
  • Tekkra INV Series
  • Tekkra Robotic Applicator for Multipack Handles
  • Tekkra All-in-One Case Packer & Wrapper

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