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PAC SM60 Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

The SM60 is the quickest side seal automatic strapping machine on the market at 60 straps per minute.

Product Details

Utilizing the proven dependability of the SM65 strapping head, the SM60 offers the advantages of the SM65 in a side seal machine. The side-mounted strapping head – constructed for tough applications – keeps moisture and debris away from the strapping head.

The strapping head features brushless DC motors. It has 30% fewer parts and consumes less power than similar strappers. It needs little maintenance and has standard, user-friendly features.

The SM60 can be used as a stand-alone strapper with a roller table, or it can be paired in-line with an existing conveyor system. The SM60 can also be ordered with an integrated conveying system.

Find out what a fully automatic arch strapping machine can do for your end-of-line operations. To learn more about the PAC SM 60, talk to a representative from Hughes Enterprises today.


  • Pivoting internal strap dispenser – No step ladder needed
  • Patented easy strap access – No tools needed
  • One-piece strap track reduces dusting and guarantees parallel straps
  • Jam free technology ejects missed straps
  • Sensor-controlled heater creates consistent, highly reliable heat seals
  • Ability to add an integrated conveying system
  • Stainless version
  • Additional power options


All dimensions refer to an arch size of 23.6″ (600mm) wide and 25.6″ (650mm) high
Dimensions (inches) 57.3″ W x 26.4″ D x 47.2-51.2″ H (Height is adjustable)
Dimensions (mm) 145mm W x 670mm D x 1200mm-1300mm H (Height is adjustable)
Weight 670 lbs. / 305 Kg
Sealing Head Height 19.1″ / 485mm
Tension Range 1/4″ (6/5mm) 70 lbs./ 32 Kg
9mm and 12mm (3/8″ and 1/2″) 100 lbs./45 Kg
Speed 60 straps per minute
Power Requirements 110V, single phase 50-60 Hz (Other power options are available)

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