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QL-400XT Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper

Save time, improve safety and wrap smarter

Streamline your stretch wrapping and accelerate your packaging line with the Lantech QL-400XT. The XT Cut and Clamp technology is fully mechanical with no air or hot wire required. It cuts and attaches stretch film automatically, eliminating the need for drivers to exit the forklift. What does that mean for you? Two minutes of labor saved per load and significant safety improvements. 

Product Details

Built for versatility and reliability, this lean machine is protected by Lantech’s patented Load Guardian control system and five-year bumper to bumper warranty. Pallets wrapped by the QL-400XT are solid, stable and ready-to-ship – with limited risk for product loss or damage.

To learn more about the Lantech QL-400XT, talk to a representative from Hughes Enterprises today. Discover what the world’s first intelligent, intuitive and instructional semi-automatic stretch wrapper can do for your end-of-line operations.

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  • Protected by a five-year bumper to bumper warranty
  • Patented Load Guardian control system delivers the right containment force to ensure safe and secure loads
  • Intelligent set-up helps operators calculate containment force with smartphone-like simplicity
  • Wrap apps streamline routine load applications with pre-established, customizable profile settings
  • Simple text and video instructions are pre-installed to address common stretch wrapping problems
  • Motors, wire connections, sensors and reducers have been constantly refined for 25 years
  • Built-in diagnostics and fault tracking systems bring problems to the surface
  • Pallet Grip keeps loads secure throughout the wrapping process
  • Auto Film Cut-Off saves 30 seconds of operator labor per load and keeps drivers on the forklift
  • E-Z Thread Roll Carriage with Power Roller Stretch Plus ensures accurate pre-stretch and wrap force
  • NEMA Type 1 Enclosure protects the control panel from dirt and moisture
  • Extended wrap height for taller product loads
  • Features to enable operation in cold or corrosive environments
  • EZ Weigh integrated scale weighs and wraps in one easy step
  • Pit mount lets the operator load the turntable at the floor level
  • Forklift stop helps drivers align loads on the turntable
  • Oversized turntable accommodates longer and wider loads
  • Optional ramp allows operators to use a forklift or pallet jack


Production Rate Up to 40 loads per hour
Machine Dimensions 119 1/8 inches long, 67 inches wide
Turntable Dimensions 65-inch diameter
Turntable Speed Up to 12 RPM
Maximum Load Dimensions 72-inch dia­­­­­gonal, 80 inches tall
Film Delivery System 250% standard roller stretch, variable (electric) wrapping force
Film Capacity 10-inch roll diameter, 20-inch film web width
Load Capacity 5,000 lbs.
Electrical Requirements 120VAC, 20 Amp

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