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Finding the Right Fillers for Your Commercial Packaging Supplies

Finding the Right Fillers for Your Commercial Packaging Supplies

Protect your packages with commercial packaging supplies. If you’ve proudly developed a product that encapsulates your brand and everything you stand for, you’re happy to ship out that product to the customers who purchase it. However, the last thing you need is to have your product damaged upon delivery by improper packaging techniques and materials.

Protective Packaging

Each product you ship may be differently sized and shaped thus requiring different fillers for the package to protect it during shipping and handling. But it’s not just about the size of the product or the box that you put it in; if you are packaging several items together, you need to protect them from damaging each other during transit. An especially unwieldy item could require a unique filler to keep it secure. Your products could be a uniform size, dimension and weight and require only one packaging solution, or you could ship out different items each time and require different fillers depending on each product you transport.

Hughes Enterprises has a whole range of products, each designed to meet your unique needs, regardless of what you’re shipping. Below are some of our commercial packaging fillers.

InstaPak Foam Packaging

This highly versatile foam makes packaging your products easy. Designed for unique and fragile items, your customer will receive the item exactly as shipped as the foam expands around to completely protect it during shipping. It expands to 200 times its original state so it doesn’t take up valuable warehouse space. Learn more about how these unique cushioning properties can protect your package during any shipping process.

Air Bag Protective Packaging

In the world of commercial packaging supplies, Hughes offers one of the most versatile and professional packaging solutions. Hughes Fill-Air air bags comfortably nestle your product in a safe air-filled cocoon. Easily select as many or as few air bags as required for this perfect packaging filler.

Loose Fill Protective Packaging

For a convenient and easy packaging filler, the 100% recycled polystyrene packaging is a great option for bulkier items. The loose fill surrounds and embeds the item in the package and keeps it from rattling around or getting damaged in transit. Hughes Enterprises is proud to offer this loose fill as an eco-friendly packaging fill solution.

Bubble Wrap Filler

The most recognizable form of filler and protection for your shipped items is the classic and trusted brand of Bubble Wrap. As fillers go, this stands alone as a versatile solution to get your product from A to B in one piece. Your customers know and trust the brand already so when your item is wrapped and filled in Bubble Wrap, they know that it’s secure and protected.

Hughes Has Your Packaging Solutions

Choosing a packaging filler for your commercial packaging needs is about selecting something that protects your product foremost, can be versatile, and creates a trust between you and your customer. You and your customer both need to feel secure that your products will arrive undamaged and in perfect condition. Hughes have been providing custom packaging solutions for over 60 years and they know what it takes to get your product there in one piece and undamaged. Whether you’re selling cosmetics, auto parts, pharmaceuticals or are a food and beverage distributor, companies rely on safe packaging solutions;  contact Hughes Enterprises to discuss your filler options today.