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Film Break Frustration? 2 Common Reasons for Stretch Film Breaks (and what to do about it)

Film Break Frustration? 2 Common Reasons for Stretch Film Breaks (and what to do about it)

Stretch Film BreaksChances are, you’ve fallen victim to film break frustration at one point or another. Since the main reason of stretch wrapping is to prevent product damage, stretch film breaks are not only an irritating delay in delivery, but they can lead to a slew of larger production problems down the line (literally). But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our packaging experts have put together 2 common reasons for stretch film breaks and what you can do about it once and for all.

Reason Number 1 Why You’re Experiencing Stretch Film Breaks: Load

Load profile hazards are responsible for most film breaks. You’re looking at anything that could tear, puncture or stress the film, such as sharp corners or protrusions, as it’s being applied. Check for nicks, cuts or resin build-up on any contact surfaces as well.

The solution? Try lowering the film tension or pre-stretch level. But operators need to find a balance. The tension should be set at the highest level possible without producing stretch film breaks or load crushing. Keep in mind; however, that turning down film tension will work if operators also add more film layers.

Reason Number 2 Why You’re Experiencing Stretch Film Breaks: Wrong Settings

It doesn’t matter which stretch wrapping machine you have or how your warehouse is set up, you can decrease the risk of in-transit damage by ensuring the setting standards are applied consistently. For example, if your stretch wrapping operation is missing the proper containment force throughout the load or is dragging film tails, you may experience possible in-transit product damage.

Check to make sure the stretch film is threaded properly and is the one that you’re supposed to be using. If so, then is the film tension set correctly? If you have a fully automatic stretch wrapper, check the film clamp for any cuts or nicks on contact surfaces; additionally, ensure the air pressure is correct for vacuum clamps.

Prevent Stretch Film Breaks with Hughes

The experts at Hughes have been working with businesses like yours to prevent stretch film breaks and reduce shipping damage during transit. As experts in the field of transport for over 60 years, trust in Hughes Enterprises for your solution on stretch wraps, heat-shrink wraps and many other unique packaging solutions for your business. We also offer emergency repair service on a variety of commercial packaging equipment.

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Still have questions?  Give us a call at 267-409-6100 to speak to one of our packaging consultants and engineers.