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Finding the Right Palletizing Equipment for Your Business

Finding the Right Palletizing Equipment for Your Business

The daily needs of a manufacturing plant are rapidly evolving. From moving materials into production, to getting them palletized and out the door, having the right systems in place is key. When it comes to palletizing, there are many options available to create the most optimized pallet. Selecting the right one is often the challenge.

In this blog, we’re going to break down the options for your palletizing solutions. You can also contact our packaging experts who will help you find the right palletizer.

Automating the Supply Chain

Increasing production volume is generally positive for a business – this indicates a growing business with increasing sales. However, this increase also requires automating where possible to keep up with the demand.

When production volume is low palletizing can be done with more manual processes. Once it’s time to automate, the machinery that we have available today can depalletize and palletize at

One Size Does Not Fit All

Today’s solutions in palletizing are diverse to accommodate all business sizes. No matter what the business needs are, the ultimate goal is to find a solution that will optimize the bottom line and create a safe and efficient work environment for employees.

Speed and volume are two components that affect the palletizer that a business chooses. Our palletizing equipment can accommodate whatever rate is required for a business. There are three main types of palletizers that are available:

Low-Level Palletizers

Low-level palletizers are the perfect solution for introducing automation to the end-of-line operations, with efficient machinery, at an economical cost. These machines fit seamlessly into any manufacturing plant and enable cost savings due to low maintenance and increase in operational flow.

Some of the low-level palletizers that we offer include:

  • Premier Tech Val-U-Pal: can lift up to 250 pounds; completely automated with no operator required; control orientation of individual items
  • ROI PalletPOD Mobile Compact Palletizer: fully assembled and customizable; floor anchoring not required; multiple End of Arm Tooling options
  • Brenton LLP Low-Level Infeed Palletizer: flexible, modular design with four configurations; more than 20 cases per minute; safety features such as framed guard door and CAT II safety circuits; touchscreen pattern selection

View all of our low-level palletizing solutions.

High-Level Palletizers

As your business grows, the machinery required to handle the volume changes. Luckily, we have done the groundwork to find the best ways to manage high-level palletizing for your production line. These solutions allow you to build multiple layers of products at high speeds to enhance your operations.

Some of our high-level palletizers include:

View all of our high-level palletizing solutions.

Robotic Palletizers

When versatility is a necessity, robotic palletizing is the right solution. Our industry-leading machines are the most efficient options to optimize your production and reduce labor costs. These machines are also able to simultaneously handle multiple operations and unit sizes and are completely customizable.

Some of our robotic palletizers include:

View all of our robotic palletizers.

What should you do next?

Keeping up with speeds and production is necessary for growing your business, preventing waste and damages, keeping your employees safe, and optimizing your bottom line. If your manufacturing facility is currently using manual or outdated processes for palletizing, request a quote or contact a Hughes packaging expert to guide you through the process of upgrading your palletizing process.