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Is Flexible Packaging the Answer for your Business?

Is Flexible Packaging the Answer for your Business?

More often than not, companies discover that standard size boxes just don’t cut it. While custom boxes and packaging can be a good approach, it is not the only approach. If you are looking for a highly-customizable option that will take into account all your small business needs and specifications, consider using flexible packaging from Hughes.

What is Flexible Packaging?

Flexible packaging is just what it sounds like; it is industrial packaging that is made of pliable, flexible materials. These include various packaging solutions such as stretch and shrink film, bubble wrap and foam packaging. With flexible packaging, you can use a combination of these products to make the perfect solution for your packaging and shipping operational needs. Both safe and strong, you can be stress-free knowing that your items will get to their final destination in the same condition in which they were shipped.

Why Should you Choose Flexible Packaging?

As mentioned, flexible packaging requires the use of several products, making it highly customizable to the specifications of the goods that you are shipping. Moreover, flexible packaging is a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution. None of the materials involved are high-waste products, and many of them are even recyclable. Also, because you are only using the amount you need per product, you will not be wasting space or money on excess material (as may be the case with standard boxes). Flexible packaging can also help streamline your shipping process. As you can “create-your-own” solution specific to the issues you need addressed, you can cut down on excess waste throughout the packaging process. Finally, all the products involved in flexible packaging are made for industrial use, so you can be certain that your shipment will be protected while in transit.

Find your Perfect Packaging Solution with Hughes

Flexible packaging can be a great option when the needs of your product are not met by standard size boxes. Hughes offers many customizable packaging solutions that are designed specifically to meet the needs of your company. Whether you’re shipping pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electrical equipment, auto parts or food and beverages, you can benefit from flexible packaging or other customizable solutions. Contact a Hughes Representative today for more information.