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Getting the Smells Out to Boost Productivity at Work

Getting the Smells Out to Boost Productivity at Work

Some of us think that going to work might stink. But when that is literally true, studies show that those smells could actually be affecting your productivity at work and your mood. The human sense is very acute; we can recognize thousands of different smells, and we are able to detect odors even in minuscule quantities. So, when an odor becomes distracting, relief from the stink becomes an exclusive thought.

A Smelly Science Experiment

Everyone notices odors and some people are more sensitive to smells than others. Did you know that our noses detect offensive smells easier than pleasant ones? Experts say that bad smells trigger several receptors all at once and cause the body to react as if it’s reacting to a dangerous situation. Leaving personal hygiene and overdone cologne out of the equation, other smells at work can be distracting such as an overflowing trash can in the break room, food left in the fridge, sink, growing science experiments in the microwave, carpet harboring dirt, mold and mildew…and of course, the restrooms. When these sources are combined, their odor can be problematic.

Control Odors

Providing a pleasant and productive workspace for employees to conduct their job responsibilities can be a challenge for any business owner or manager. But there are a few things you can do to keep your facility olfactory offenders at bay:
• Take out all of the trash and recycling and clean the receptacles.
• Clean out the break room fridge weekly, deodorize the sink and clean the microwave.
• Eliminate mold and mildew on carpets by cleaning them on a regular basis.
• Dust regularly. A dusty workspace smells dusty and can cause an increase in allergic reactions.
• Regularly deep clean the restrooms and install automatic air deodorizers.

Dispel Unwelcome Smells

Hughes Enterprises stocks a large variety of janitorial supplies for your company including cleansers, floor cleaning, mats, disinfectants, mops, receptacles, carpet cleaners, and more! And of course, be sure to armor workspaces with Hughes Airborne odor-fighting products including:

• Space or spray deodorizers for carpets, upholstery, bedding, the air and the entire area in which it is used.
• Smoke & foul odor eliminators that are effective in erasing odors from smoking, pets, sickness, etc.
• Foul odor eliminators which can be added to cleaning solutions to squirt in trash cans, cigarette urns, etc.
• Non-aerosol odor counteractant erases the most overwhelming of foul odors with its blend of airicide and natural extracts from citrus fruit.
• Fabric, carpet & air fresheners that are safe to use on all washable textile fibers and fabrics, including upholstered furniture, draperies, carpets etc.
• Stick-on room odor counteractants which are encapsulated in microcells in handy stick-up capsules.

Smell Good with Hughes

With just a few changes, you can improve the smells in your facility so that it not only smells clean but that it is clean! “Plan B,” you could just pass out some clothespins. Order, buy odor-fighting products and cleaning supplies from Hughes. For help with ordering supplies contact a Hughes Sales Representative for assistance.