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Go Green for Earth Month with Eco-Friendly Packaging

Go Green for Earth Month with Eco-Friendly Packaging

With the first day of spring approaching, we can start looking forward to next month’s 45th annual Earth Day celebrations. Every April 22 we celebrate our Mother Nature on Earth Day to improve the world around us. Earth Day is the largest civic observance in the world, with more than 1 billion people participating in related activities each year. Although making the choice to go green can seem challenging for some, every little effort helps to make our environment a healthier place making every day earth day.


Hughes Enterprises Packaging Systems Solutions eco-friendly packaging and environmentally-friendly products offer you many ways to help your business green. Our product line includes PELASPAN™ BIO, PaperNuts®, Re-FormTM Sorbent Materials, green cleaning supplies, bio products and more.

We are pleased to offer you a wide variety of eco-friendly packaging materials, packaging supplies and equipment to fulfill any and all of your shipping and packaging needs including:

• Green Cleaning Supplies
• Eco Friendly Bio Loosefill
• Green Sorbent Re-form
• Eco Friendly Paper Dunnage
• Green Consulting Services
• Green Products from Pregis
• Green Products from Intertape

Earth Day (and Every Day) Energy Saving Tips

Going green and being eco-conscious is not only smart for your business but also for the communities we all serve. All businesses can operate with their environment in mind (saving money in the process). From using recycled shipping materials and eco-friendly cleaning supplies to utilizing green consulting services, we can help. Here are five simple tips to boost energy efficiency, sustainability and environmental awareness within your business.

1. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Reduce your use of disposable items and aim to be a paperless office. Hughes Enterprises offers all-natural, completely biodegradable PELASPAN BIO loose-fill and our Re-Form sorbents are made from a minimum of 70% recycled newsprint and other cellulose…unlike oil-based polypropylene sorbents.

2. Check the Lighting

Using LED lighting and motion-sensor lights for areas that are used only occasionally can help to reduce your carbon footprint in the office. The reduced carbon footprint felt by widespread use of LED lighting can save the U.S. an estimated 50% on energy costs, and approximately $250 billion per year, not to mention the added benefit of reducing carbon emissions.

3. Clean Green

Using green cleaning products can help protect your employee’s health and the environment.
Hughes Enterprises has partnered with Enviro-Solutions to offer more ways to make Green not only work but be rewarding for you as well. We offer green floor care, carpet care, odor control, hand soap, hand cleaner, bio products and more.

4. Adjust the Temperature

Setting the temperature just a few degrees warmer during the summer months and a few degrees cooler in the winter months will reduce costs and save energy. Using a programmable thermostat will allow you to schedule the temperature changes throughout the day and evening and then not have to think about it again.

5. Save Energy

Stake the vampires – those energy-sucking electronics drain a lot of energy when they’re not in use. So, power them down at the end of the day and on weekends to save energy and offer relief for your energy bill, too! Buy energy star-rated appliances and use power strips for devices which will easily allow you to turn off the power with the hit of one button at the end of the day (especially on Fridays).

Take a Step in the Right Direction with a Smaller Carbon Footprint

This Earth Month, remember that everyone can make a difference to make the environment a healthier place. We can reduce our carbon footprint by taking one step in the right direction; making the world a cleaner place to live for years to come! Our stock of eco-friendly packaging supplies includes all of the materials you will need to operate the equipment we sell. If you are unsure about what materials are needed to optimize your packaging operation, please contact your Hughes Sales Representative. Order and buy green and eco-friendly packaging supplies from Hughes today.