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Green: More Than Just a Color

Green: More Than Just a Color

Companies everywhere have been “going green” for quite some time now. But there’s a bit more to going green than just picking out a pretty shade and recoloring your logo. Here at Hughes Enterprises, we pride ourselves on the wide variety of Eco Friendly products that we are able to offer our customers.

As part of our efforts to help preserve this beautiful earth, we’d like to help you keep your work environment as green as possible! And no… we don’t mean repainting the office. Our Eco Friendly line consists of over 70 products that are proven to work, priced competitively, and most importantly, safe for people and the environment!

Check out things like:

  • Green cleaning supplies
  • Eco Friendly bio loosefill
  • Green sorbent re-form
  • Eco Friendly paper dunnage
  • Green consulting services
  • Green products from Pregis and Intertape
  • And More!

Learn how you can start helping out mother earth HERE!