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Have You Met Lili?

Have You Met Lili?

Lili – Low-environmental Impact Line from Intertape

Meet Lili®! Lili is Hughes’ environmentally friendly program and stands for “Low-environmental Impact Line from Intertape.” At Intertape, their corporate commitment is to reduce waste and decrease environmental impact throughout the distribution and manufacturing processes. Hughes strives for the same eco-inspiration and hope you do too.

Hughes offers the following Intertape green products:

iCushion™ OXO Biodegradable Air Pillow
The oxo-biodegradable air pillow film contains an additive that initiates chemical breakdown of the polymer chains much more quickly and completely than a standard film when in the presence of oxygen and heat or UV light. Unfortunately, not all products make it to recycling or even waste receptacles resulting in litter. An oxo-biodegradable air pillow that is discarded into the environment is much more likely to undergo the biodegradation process.

Exlfilmplus™ OXO Biodegradable Shrink Film
Exlfilmplus™OXO is an oxo-biodegradable shrink film containing an additive that initiates chemical breakdown in the presence of oxygen and heat or UV light. It’s the perfect solution for customers looking for an environmentally preferred solution for shrink wrapping.

SuperFlex™ OXO and StretchFlex™ OXO Biodegradable Stretch Film
OXO-biodegradable films are available in clear or tinted green; differentiate your organization by being a recognized leader in green.

Genesys™ High Performance Stretch Film
Technologically advanced light gauge film reduces the amount of film needed by approximately 30% versus standard film, without compromising strength and quality. All Intertape stretch film products are classified as recycling category #4 for Low Density Polyethylene.

SuperFlex™ ProLite High Performance Hand-Applied Stretch Wrap
ProLite is a high performance, light gauge cast stretch film with superior strength so it requires less film to securely contain a load.

Central™ Water Activated Tape

Our patented biodegradable starch-based adhesive aggressively bonds to corrugated cartons, even in dusty or dirty environments.

A Lili® approved product or activity is one that is designed to reduce the impact to the environment in one or more of the following ways:

• Reduces waste in the manufacturing process

• Reduces the carbon footprint left behind by our products, processes and employees

• Increases the recycle ability of products

• Provides an alternative solution to a less environmentally friendly product

• Reduces consumption of raw materials, fuel and other energy sources

• Reduces pollutants released through air, water or waste

• Improves the safety and health of employees

Lili approved initiatives are activities, changes or programs that Intertape has or is planning to implement that allow us at Hughes to reduce our impact on the environment as a business. For more information on the Green products Hughes Enterprises has to offer, contact a Hughes Sales Representative for assistance.