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High Speed Tray Forming Machines for Your Business

High Speed Tray Forming Machines for Your Business

Tray Forming Machine

Imagine increasing your production without increasing labor costs. With high speed tray formers, you can form and package trays faster and more consistently. And when you incorporate these machines into your existing production line, you can boost efficiency for the entire end-of-line process.

What are tray formers?

Tray formers and tray erectors are precise machines that take a die-cut tray blank and fold, form, and seal it into a tray. They can work with corrugated, chipboard, or other materials to create trays perfect for a variety of industries, such as:

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Home goods
  • Electronics
  • And more

These machines are fully automatic, eliminating the need to form trays by hand, and they can produce a retail-ready result in no time. Depending on the model, you can create industry-standard corrugated trays for shipping and display, then change up your tray size, switch out blanks and restart the line, all in a matter of minutes.

Tray formers can use hot-melt glue to seal flaps, or the machinery can automatically erect and lock sides using tab-and-slot construction. There as many options as there are trays.

How tray formers work

In a tray former machine, the process begins with a magazine full of die cut tray blanks. These tray blanks are pushed or pulled through the machine individually (sometimes using vacuum cups) and are formed with a mandrel. The machine’s sides keep the tray’s edges in place, and hot melt glue is applied to the flaps as the blank moves through the machine. The tray former molds the tray, the glue sets, and the newly formed tray is moved along a conveyer to the next step in your production line. 

There are vertical and horizontal tray formers, and different machines can handle different tray sizes and sealing or locking mechanisms. In addition to hot melt glue, you can also choose automatic locking or self locking trays, in which tabs are folded and inserted into slots, holding the sides of the tray in place. The overall effect is the same: a perfectly formed and sealed tray, each identical to the next for a consistent result.

The benefits of high speed tray formers

High speed and automatic tray formers can easily be integrated into your existing production line. Combine them with case erectors, case labelers, case packers and other end-of-line equipment to create a custom packaging line for your product, then take advantage of the easy changeovers when it’s time to switch.

You can quickly change tray sizes and blanks to suit production. Changeovers can be performed in seconds with some models, so you won’t lose valuable time. Plus, our machines are heavy-duty and designed to work around the clock, so your business operates on your timetable, not your machine’s.

Forming up to 40 trays per minute (depending on model) within a small footprint, tray formers are a powerful way to improve efficiency without sacrificing floor space. They also free up your team from forming trays by hand, reducing labor costs, and some models are designed to consumer less power, too, which cuts down on operating costs.

Operator-friendly, our tray formers are built with quality materials and construction for durability that lasts. They use precise servo motion controls for steady, accurate placement and formation, creating a packaging solution that’s reliable and fast—one you can depend on for years to come.

Check out our selection of tray formers to see the possibilities and imagine how a new machine can improve the efficiency of your production line. Our specialists can give you a quote—just call (609) 586-7200 or contact us online.