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Introducing the New High-Strength 3M Tape Technology for Bundling

Introducing the New High-Strength 3M Tape Technology for Bundling

Every operation has their own unique needs and challenges. Whether it’s dealing with a bottleneck in production or struggling to stabilize pallets with the right bundling tape, Hughes Enterprises has your solution. For a tape that needs to be as strong as your reputation, this month we’re featuring the new high-strength 3M tape technology for bundling.

3M Tape Technology for Bundling

Introducing the New High-Strength 3M Tape Technology for BundlingWe know your warehouse operations demand efficiency, productivity and durability… and 3M delivers. No matter if you’re in the food and beverage industry, automotive industry, cosmetics or general manufacturing, there’s no need to feel boxed in anymore!

Strong enough to hold boxes together but with a clean-removal technology that won’t cause damage to packages when removed, 3M’s high-strength tape will not only meet your needs, but exceed them. Their tape is specifically designed for all your bundling and reinforcing challenges faced in the warehouse with uniquely balanced tensile strength and adhesive holding power, even under the most extreme conditions.

Packaging and Non-Packaging Applications

When you need a tape as strong as your brand’s reputation, you can count on the consistently reliable, market-leading 3M tape technology for bundling. This high-strength tape can be used for packaging and non-packaging applications; engineered to meet virtually any strapping, bundling or reinforcing challenge you can think of.

  • Strong (up to 120 lbs/in): Pallet unitizing, PVC pipe bundling, bundling for shipping and handling
  • Stronger (up to 270 lbs/in): Carpet bundling, stabilizing loose parts, bulk bin or skid box banding
  • Strongest (up to 1,200 lbs/in): L- and U-Clip Closures, metal coil tabbing, rebar bundling

Applications can vary dramatically depending on your needs – from combining products as a method to reduce shipping costs to stabilizing goods on a pallet to reinforcing large bulk containers or even just a single carton, this tape will keep products safe without damaging the boxes when removed. It can even be applied to pouches/bags as carry handles.

Take Scotch Stretchable Tape for example. When optimally stretched to 500%, this linear low-density polyethylene film backed tape is an excellent choice for light to medium duty pallet containment. These top-of-the-line structural adhesives are able to bond materials like glass, metal, ceramic, wood, and composites.

3M Tape Technology for Bundling with Clean Removal Solutions

It is our goal to provide secure, cost-effective solutions for all of our customers. And today’s transportation environment mandates packaging methods that deliver extremely high strength tapes which leave no residue. Even with such a heavy-duty, industrial design and exceptional tensile strength to secure items like refrigerator shelves and dryer lids during transportation, they’re gentle enough to remove without the gunk.

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