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How Quality Packaging Impacts Customer Experience

How Quality Packaging Impacts Customer Experience

What determines whether a customer buys from you or not? This is a loaded question since any number of factors can affect how a customer perceives your company and brand. However, if a customer has purchased from you before, the method of packaging that is used in shipping a product is critical in that same customer’s decision to purchase from you again. Even the largest e-commerce companies such as eBay and Amazon encourage users to share feedback on packaging details to make user experiences better in the future. This is because they understand how important future business is from a customer and how much quality packaging affects this decision in the long run.

First Impressions Last

When a user receives a product, they look at how the product is packaged because it is the first thing they are presented with. Most consumers expect to see a plain brown box, maybe with shipping labels on it, sometimes bent out of shape but more or less a standard shipping solution. If a retailer uses quality packaging then it can mean a very impressed customer which may translate into future business. A product that comes in a high quality packaging solution makes a user think that that product was well worth the money. First impressions last with customers and customized packaging goes a long way to ensure that the first impression is a very good one.


If there’s one thing that’s recognizable across all walks of life, it’s that people enjoy showing off their purchases. When you buy something brand new, you want the world to know that you got it. More often than not, if the packaging of a product is of a higher quality, than someone who sees it is likely to ask where it came from. Quality packaging gives your company a good name, not just for your direct customers but to every other person that customer interacts with. Recommendations mean future business from customers you haven’t interacted with as yet, and that’s probably the greatest triumph of quality packaging.

Quality Packaging for Better Business

Fast turnaround, dependable and safe packaging, as well as one that looks sharp can all influence a customer’s opinion of your company. Quality packaging affects your future business and to that end it should be among the more important purchases when it comes to your packaging department. With demands for security, productivity, and profitability in packaging and shipping higher than ever, every organization that packs and ships materials is interested in how to protect its workers and customers while improving the bottom line.

Hughes Packaging Experts

Our inside support staff consisting of office managers, customer support, order expediting, reception, and accounting is trained to understand all products and to be of assistance to our customers in the event that a sales representative is in the field. Contact our packaging experts at Hughes Enterprises today to see what quality packaging solutions can help your business grow.