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How to Choose Your Best Automotive Packaging Solutions

How to Choose Your Best Automotive Packaging Solutions

How to Choose Your Best Automotive Packaging SolutionsFreight ships carry everything from complete cars and car parts to OEM and retail products, but what are the best automotive packaging solutions for shipping such items? Global supply chains and worldwide shipping means that logistic professionals depend on quality packaging to ensure their shipments arrive in top-notch condition, no matter how far they have to travel. When you consider the time invested in production and long-distance shipping, there’s absolutely no doubt that every detail of packaging is important.

Automotive Packaging Solutions for High Value Goods

Whether it’s damage to bumper fascia, surface protection challenges, or the need to speed replacement parts through the distribution system to dealers, our history of designing proven solutions speaks for itself.

A Box for Every Need

The automotive industry uses everything from the strongest corrugated cardboard to mass produced company-branded retail boxes. Small items, like spark plugs, are packaged in lightweight boxes; depending on where they’re destined, it could be plain box stamped with a product code or a full-blown retail design meant to attract the eye of the average consumer. We’ve got you covered.

It’s What’s Inside that Counts

Maybe your business ships the big stuff, transmissions or engines, you’re not going to get by with a light-weight product box, but you probably want to provide cushion protection with expandable foam to stop items shifting during transport and prevent damaged products. Whether you’re packing car doors, windshields or internal engine parts, protective packaging such as bubble wrap and blister packs, will provide the protection you need to deliver parts safely.

Hardworking Machines Made with Delicate Technology

Computer chips and circuit boards are everywhere in automotive packaging solutions; and those need special protection from static electricity, moisture, and the prevention of tiny cracks in the delicately soldered circuits. Special static resistance bags, foam wrap, and corrugated partitions inside shipping cartons are vital if you want to ship electronics over long distances successfully. We can handle that too.

Scratch Prevention

The perfect paint job stays protected with a layer of plastic film on auto parts known as skins, such as exterior door panels, fenders, and hoods. Glass and windshields absorb vibrations during travel better when similarly covered with plastic film, also helping to prevent tiny scratches in the glass during transport.

Putting It All Together with Hughes

When you need cartons to ship units by the case and to label the cases with product, model, and lot numbers; we provide automotive packaging solutions to fit your business needs. We provide more than just supplies; we have the equipment to get the job done fast and get it done right. Shrink wrap, stretch wrap, poly bags and sheets, banding machines, and strapping for shipment across the country or around the world; you can depend on us to get your goods delivered in pristine condition.

For more information on how Hughes Enterprises is helping distribution center of all sizes meet the changing demands of their customers in real time and to learn more about solutions for your automotive shipping and packaging center, please contact a Hughes Sales Representative.