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ID Technology Labeling Solutions Meet Consumer Demands

ID Technology Labeling Solutions Meet Consumer Demands

ID Technology Labeling SolutionsFrom stringent traceability requirements for pharmaceutical packaging and regulations in the food and beverage industry, to an increase in consumer demand for personalized products, custom packaging is sweeping across almost every industry. And it’s spreading into secondary packaging as retailers are looking to streamline operations and extend brand information to outer cases and boxes. At Hughes, we recommend ID Technology Labeling Solutions Print and Apply Equipment that offers a solution for virtually any challenge you have. This includes product labeling, identification, coupon labeling, case marking, bar coding, pallet labeling, date, lot or batch coding, and more.

ID Technology Customization by Design

ID Technology Labeling Solutions print and apply labeling equipment allows private label manufacturers and co-packers greater flexibility. They can be used on both porous and non-porous substrates, including shrink-wrap. Hughes Enterprises offers a variety of case labeling solutions:

  • ID Technology 252- This Centerline-Modularity™ approach is defined as “the process of removing as many adjustment points from a machine as possible, coupled with hot-swap modules for quick-fault diagnosis and repair, leading to greater uptime and lower running cost.”
  • ID Technology 252A– The ID Technology Model 252 is the best-selling printer and applicator system in North America. To ensure durability, serviceability, flexibility, and simplicity, ID Technology created the Label Apply Only Model 252A with a unique innovative modular design.
  • ID Technology 255– The Model 255 can be used to label cases, pallets or most other items. It can apply up to three labels per package, depending on your application.
  • ID Technology 250C– The ID Technology 250C boasts the smallest footprint printer applicator in the industry. It’s custom built to meet even the most demanding requirements.

Trends Moving Toward Custom Labeling

Earlier this year, Dr. Pepper launched their “Pick Your Pepper” campaign, with US nationwide distribution of hundreds of limited edition, custom printed Dr. Pepper bottles. Their goal is to emphasize individuality and encourage consumers to choose the label that speaks uniquely to them.

Based on the success of this campaigns and other like it (Coke, Bud Light), you can anticipate more trends toward customization of packaging to satisfy consumers. Namely millennial consumers.

Millennials Influence on Brand Packaging

According to Packaging Digest, millennials commonly look for a few specific things when choosing brands to buy from:

  1. What does the brand say about me?
    Millennials need to feel a personal connection to brands. They feel that the brands say something about what they are, their values and where they fit in. As a generation with access to almost everything, their choices are limitless. Brands must create a unique purchase experience to effectively satisfy their desires.
  2. How can the brand customize to my needs?
    Millennials love specialty product ingredients but they also gravitate toward customized packaging. “Quality ingredients aren’t always enough to woo these shoppers. When it comes to this generation, what’s on the outside also counts.”
  3. Does it speak to my socio-economic status?
    Building on the customization factor, millennials love exclusivity. High-end, private label branding (with packaging that is perceived like that) exudes luxury and Millennial consumers are willing to pay for it. They’re seeking high-quality, reliable products that speak to their goals for socio-economic status.
  4. Is it buzz-worthy?
    Creating buzz is key when packaging for millennials. And they’re sharing their experiences with friends on social media. This is a perfect opportunity to include QR codes, trending hashtags and anything else that invites consumer interaction with the brand directly on the package.

ID Technology Labeling Solutions with Hughes

No matter if you’re targeting millennials or satisfying FDA requirements, Hughes has automated and digital solutions for a wide range of industries. Whether they’re from automotive to pharmaceuticals or cosmetics to clothing Hughes has a solution. We have a full range of high speed case labeling equipment tailored to fit your individual needs including Ink Jet Printing & Coding, Laser, Print and Apply and Label Applicating.

Our team of professional packaging consultants and engineers can also help streamline processes with our integrated packaging solutions and custom engineering solutions. Contact us at 267-409-6100 to find out more about ID Technology labeling solutions for your distribution center today.