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Importance of Industrial Safety Equipment and Protective Eyewear

Importance of Industrial Safety Equipment and Protective Eyewear

Be sure to use your industrial safety equipment and avoid the risk of injury!Industrial safety is extremely important. Eye injuries in the workplace are extremely common and happen to as many as three out of five people. Official studies from the National Institute for Occupational Safety report that more than 2,000 people suffer from an eye injury in the workplace every day due to the lack of industrial safety equipment such as proper eye protection. In this same study, it was proven that 90% of said eye injuries could have been lessened had they been wearing eye protection.

When exposed to industrial equipment, it’s extremely important to take precautions and lessen the chances of an eye injury. While not wearing protection is a huge factor in receiving an eye injury, it also matters what type of protection the worker is wearing. Without the proper equipment for the job, injury can still occur.

How can the eye become injured?

When eye injuries are spoken of, it’s not always about one-off accidents and flying objects. While a worker must watch out for projectiles, depending on their line of work, these aren’t the only hazards in the air. By protecting the eyes when working in an industrial setting, the employee is also protecting their eyes from airborne hazards such as:

  • Chemicals
  • Radiation
  • Bloodborne Pathogens

Chemicals can get into the employee’s eye through splashes and even fumes. While these splashes cannot be predicted, an employee must always take the extra step in protecting their eyes to prevent injury. The same could be said for radiation caused by lasers, heat, or infrared as well as UV radiation.

Industries affected by the dangers of airborne hazards

One of the most affected industries is the packaging solutions industry. This is because a company generally serves a handful of other industries that work with many types of products. As a packaging company, eye protection is crucial as employees work with packing and displacing a plethora of chemicals, foods, cosmetics and more. While there may be protective packaging keeping said products from being exposed to a warehouse worker, eye protection will ensure that a mishap will not occur.

Personal Protective Equipment

Before an employee steps onto the work field, they should have proper PPE (personal protective equipment) training. During this training, an employee should be exposed to five key points that include:

  • When an employee should wear eye protection
  • What the enforcement process is like
  • How an employee can obtain said protective eyewear
  • How an employee can obtain a new pair if their original pair breaks
  • What an employee can do if there is eye protection missing from the designated workstation

Preventing Injury with the Proper Equipment

By reminding employees of the above key points, a company is able to emphasize the importance of industrial safety and drive safety into their minds. Preventing injury cannot only save the employee from long-term distress through permanent vision problems, but it can also promote a safer work environment.

Even minor injuries can cause lifelong problems of irritation and painful corneal issues. Something as simple as a scratch from a particle of sawdust can cause persistent issues and may not be something you can physically escape as the particles are relatively invisible. By taking preventative measures, employees can remain employed and safe in their respective facilities.

Hughes Industrial Safety Equipment

When choosing hearing and eyewear protection products, choose a respected and trusted leader in the safety products industry. Working very closely with each of our customers, Hughes strives to find the right solution for your packaging needs. Contact us to provide the right protection for your employees today!