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Importance of Protective Packaging

Importance of Protective Packaging

Bubble Wrap Protective PackagingNothing is worse than receiving a package and realizing that it had been broken during the shipping process. This can happen because of faulty packing solutions used when shipping but can be prevented using the right solutions with Hughes. Our professional packing products will give you the peace-of-mind when shipping your precious products that it will arrive safely (and save you money at the same time). Hughes stocks a large variety of protective packaging equipment and protective packaging materials to fill all your shipping and packaging operation needs. Learn more about Hughes’s effective packing solutions.

Air Bag Inflation System

This new air bag inflation system revolutionizes the dunnage air bag industry by reducing air bag inflation times from minutes to mere seconds. Our Turbo Fill Inflation System inflates bags up to 4 times faster than any other bag on the market. The performance of the system is not compensated by the quick fill, however. It is self-regulated so it’s impossible to over inflate and no gauging is required. Filling up your package couldn’t be easier. No tightening or turning of the valve is required. Simply pull the tab on valve for rapid deflation or use Turbo Filler to vacuum the air out in seconds. Like what you hear? Learn more about the air bag Inflation System.

Air Bag Protective Packaging

If your products need protective packaging, we have your solution. Fill-Air® Inflatable Packaging Systems provide excellent protection and efficient void fill while reducing material and shipping costs. Fill-Air air bag cushions can be produced in a number of different sizes to fit any package you have. They are fast and easy to use while saving valuable warehouse space. All the while, producing clean, professional looking packaging. Learn more about Hughes Fill-Air air bags.

Bubble Wrap® Protective Packaging

Bubble Wrap® is one of the most recognized packing solutions on the market. It has been protecting your package contents for years. Bubble Wrap® air bubble film offers an economical solution for protective packaging needs. This packing solution reduces cost while providing long-term protection. Bubble Wrap® provides high performance and is also reusable/recyclable. Find out how Bubble Wrap® protective packaging can benefit your shipping operation.

Instapak® Foam Packing

Instapak® Foam Packing is fast, easy to use and versatile. Instapak® provides protection against shock and vibration during shipping and handling. There are many significant benefits to using Instapak® Foam Packing. Firstly, Instapak® saves you money without compromising proper protection. It also saves you time as it instantly expands in seconds for protective cushion of a package of any size, shape or weight. Learn more about how these unique cushioning properties can protect your package throughout any shipping process.

Loose Fill Protective Packaging

Hughes offers 100% recycled polystyrene packaging. The recycled polystyrene loose fill or the starch loose fill packaging can fulfil your shipping requirements. Find the right loose fill storage & dispensing system to make packing easy.

PAPERplus® Paper Dunnage

At Hughes we have all of the solutions. We create ultra-strong paper mattresses which provide the bulk and durability needed to absorb, cushion and protect heavy, fragile or awkward items. PAPERplus® has cost effective materials, labor and storage that all add up to lower costs. PAPERplus® is made from 100% natural, recycled Kraft paper that can be used over and over. It is a biodegradable and renewable resource, and when it needs to be discarded, it is accepted in recycling programs with cardboard or newspapers.

Hughes Has Your Packaging Solutions

Hughes provides safe packaging solutions for every industry whether you’re selling cosmetics, auto parts, pharmaceuticals, or are a food and beverage distributor. We understand that ignoring the importance of proper protective packaging can result in damage to products during the ship process and the reputation of your business. Need help finding the right protective packaging equipment and packaging materials to meet the needs of your business? To ask questions or order protective packaging contact a Hughes Sales Representative for assistance.