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Improve Your E-Commerce Business with Protective Packaging from Pregis

Improve Your E-Commerce Business with Protective Packaging from Pregis

Pregis Inspyre HC Protective Packaging in water-blue color draped inside an open cardboard box

In 2017, e-commerce shipments totaled more than $3.7 billion dollars according to the United States Census Bureau. These shipments accounted for 66.7% of all manufacturing shipments. As these numbers continue to rise, how do you make your e-commerce business stand out when your product lands in someone’s mailbox?

Damage to packages, high shipping costs, poor ship-from-store strategies and other issues can cost you time, money and customers. At Hughes Enterprises, we partner with Pregis to help businesses like yours improve their packaging products and equipment.

Pregis is a packaging expert who focuses on e-commerce businesses first. We offer an incredible variety of their protective packaging equipment to help keep your costs low as you improve your shipping methods and customer experience.

5 E-Commerce Shipment Issues Pregis Can Help With

Since Pregis zeroes in on shipping for e-commerce businesses, their products can help in a variety of ways. Read the following five issues they can help with and identify one or more that is affecting your business.

1. DIM weight costs

With increases in DIM weight shipping costs and Amazon’s newest requirements for frustration-free packaging, you have a lot of variables to consider. We can help optimize dimensional weight for your products to reduce shipping costs for you and your customer.

2. Customer lifetime value

Potential customers have a seemingly infinite amount of businesses to choose from thanks to the internet. This makes acquiring new customers harder and more expensive to accomplish. We can help you maximize customer lifetime value by utilizing best practices from Pregis.

3. Unboxing experience

Pregis has researched the impact of packaging on customers’ emotions – and it’s greater than you’d expect. Not only will a positive unboxing experience lead your customer to feel better about your product and company, but they are more likely to share their unboxing experience with people online and recommend your brand to friends and family.

4. Damages and returns

Damaged items can affect your profitability now and in the future. If products are getting damaged during shipping, the customer is more likely to blame you over the shipping company – and they may not shop from your brand in the future. We can match you with the right Pregis products to protect your items during shipping and develop solutions for when items need to be returned.

5. Ship from store strategies

If you have a brick-and-mortar location, shipping products from there needs to have its own process. In order to be efficient, you may need different equipment than shipping from a distribution center. You still have to keep quality and consistency in mind regardless of where you are shipping from.

Protective Packaging and Equipment from Pregis

Whether you want to improve one of those factors or all of them, we can help. Pregis packaging products and equipment include:

As a leading distributor of Pregis protective packaging materials, you can count on the experienced team at Hughes Enterprises for solutions that will fit the needs of your e-commerce business. Reach out to a sales representative today to find out how we can help with your protective packaging needs.