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Improve Packaging Line Productivity with Integrated Packaging

Improve Packaging Line Productivity with Integrated Packaging

On-time production has never been more desirable which is why integrated packaging is so critical to help further the speed of completion by eliminating preventable line problems. Integrated packaging solutions merge top of the line products in the latest packaging technology with the need for packaging line productivity and efficiencies.

Packaging companies and manufacturers have been turned onto robotics as the latest technology when it comes to efficient packaging. By automating certain tasks on the assembly and packaging lines, the rate of productivity rises while receiving two major benefits:

  • Low cost operation
  • A quick return on investment

Packaging line productivity is the core factor in being a successful packaging solution for other companies. Without the speed and the efficiency of a package line, companies can see a decrease in business and may see a decrease in quality.

What are the benefits of integrated packaging?

While the speed of the package line improves immensely, there are other benefits in choosing integrated packaging.

  1. Maximization of valuable human resources

When package integration is implemented on the product line, packagers will be able to increase product line efficiency and productivity without having to employ more. Not only does this save money, it also maximizes valuable ROI.

  1. Increase efficiency on the packaging line

Integrated packaging machines can help during any part of the process including loading products onto conveyors and buckets and increasing the speed of production. This translates into focus employee attention to areas that require more complex attention and demand. Integrated and efficient shipping solutions can also provide better precision with little human error in crucial parts of the process.

  1. Waste reduction through automation

When it comes to packaging pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and medical devices, there can be a higher rate of misfeeding and other incomplete actions. This happens mostly through human error; integrated packaging can help reduce that human error. Reorganizing employees to other parts of the productivity line can reduce waste and put their valuable resources to good use.

  1. Minimization of downtime between runs

Less than a decade ago, product changeovers posed downtimes of up to three hours. With modern technology and state of the art package integration, these downtimes have been reduced by an incredible amount. Instead of waiting hours, product changes can be done within twenty minutes.

  1. Reduce injuries

When it comes to the human aspect, integrated packaging can help reduce injury to employees on the line. A main injury that is seen on packaging or production lines is carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel is a lifelong injury sustained by the compression of a nerve in the wrist mainly caused by repetitive motions.

When repetitive motion tasks can be replaced by an integrated packaging solution, injuries as such can become obsolete within the workplace.

Packaging Line Productivity with Hughes

By utilizing integrated packaging, human resources can be put in better places while leaving repetitive tasks to be done by a faster counterpart. This results in a higher speed and efficiency within the production line.

Hughes Enterprises: Packaging Systems Solutions

Hughes Enterprises provides an economical solution to both large and small warehouses. With adaptable machines that can be programmed to do a majority of the packing work, this equipment saves both time and money. Call us at 1-267-409-6100 to get more information on what sort of packaging equipment is right for your warehouse.