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Easy Ways to Improve the Sustainability of Your Packaging

Easy Ways to Improve the Sustainability of Your Packaging

Easy ways to improve the sustainability of your packaging

1. Think outside the box, Start using a bag – Hughes strives to continually bring our customers greener products. We are excited to announce the release of the new Polyjacker-R. This flatpoly mailer is not only 100% recyclable but made with 50% recycled content. The Polyjacket-Rs are available on a number of stock sizes. Also available in custom sizes and can be custom printed.

2.Check the Color of your bubble –

Green Bubble

Our range of excellent quality, fully recyclable green bubble is made using 100% recycled polyethylene. Perfect for void filling, interleaving, wrapping and cushioning, you can even use thepackaging to fill up a void too. This product is fully recyclable. Astro 100% Recycled Green Bubble is available in a handy dispenser box, 1500mm x 100m rolls and 500mm x 3m mini rolls.

3. Realize that its definitely more than just air

iCushion™ OXO Biodegradable Air Pillow

The oxo-biodegradable air pillow film contains an additive that initiates chemical breakdown of the polymer chains much more quickly and completely than a standard film when in the presence of oxygen and heat or UV light. Once the polymer has been degraded to a low molecular weight, the molecular components can be consumed by micro-organisms. This act of biodegradation leaves only water, carbon dioxide, biomass and small quantities of minerals that will be assimilated into the ecosystem.

In addition to being reusable, one of the advantages of oxo-biodegradable films is the ease of recycling through mainstream recycling services. Unfortunately, not all products make it to recycling or even waste receptacles resulting in litter. An oxo-biodegradable air pillow that is discarded into the environment is much more likely to undergo the biodegradation process.