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Improve the Unboxing Experience with Protective Packaging Solutions

Improve the Unboxing Experience with Protective Packaging Solutions

The “unboxing experience” is usually centered around YouTube influencers showing off promotional goodies. Yet this phrase can make an impact on any customer of any industry. By improving the unboxing experience of your products, you can increase customer satisfaction and retention.

A positive unboxing experience does two things: (1) it protects your products and (2) it elevates your brand in the mind of the consumer. In this post we’re going to highlight a couple of protective packaging products—suspension and retention packaging and foam-in-place packaging—that can help you elevate the experience once the box lands in your customer’s hands.

Suspension & Retention Packaging

High performance and recyclable? Those are just two highlights of Sealed Air’s Korrvu suspension and retention packaging.

Products are surrounded by a strong, low-slip film. The clear film protects products from shock and vibration during shipping and allows the customer to immediately see the product upon opening the box.

Not yet convinced you need to try it? Korrvu packaging will help you save on DIM weight. The ships-flat design eliminates excessive packaging and saves you space in the warehouse and in shipping.

Sealed Air’s Korrvu product line includes a solution for nearly every application:

Korrvu Lok – This retention insert helps secure other items that go in the box but aren’t secured by the film. It’s a cost-effective solution to blocking and bracing.
Korrvu Select for Wine and Spirits – This stock packaging offers minimal materials with maximum protection for one to three bottles of wine or similar items up to 750 mL.
Korrvu Select Retention Packaging – With four stock sizes available, you’ll be able to ship a variety of products without incurring the extra costs of setup fees and additional equipment with custom Korrvu.
Korrvu Select Suspension Packaging – Products are suspended between two layers of film to keep them secure and protected during shipping. It’s perfect for fragile and delicate items.

Foam-in-Place Packaging

Both Pregis and Sealed Air offer foam-in-place packaging systems to cushion heavy, fragile items. These systems partially fill a bag or liner with liquid foam that then quickly expands around the product’s shape.

The IntelliPack system by Pregis is cost-effective, efficient, and ergonomically designed. It’s PX3 technical service platform monitors the usage of liquid foam and film, as well as the system’s temperature, pressure, and other parameters. And, with their bar-coding feature, you can get consistent packaging protection with the right amount of foam and film for each product every time.

Sealed Air’s Instapak works in a similar fashion. You choose the length of film and percentage of foam fill. The high-quality foam protective packaging ensures you get maximum cushioning each time. You’ll increase productivity and reduce downtime with its ease of use and limited equipment malfunctions.

Protect and Highlight Your Products

To create a great unboxing experience, you don’t have to go all out. Ensuring your products arrive safe and secure is a great place to start. It sounds easy, but if you have uniquely shaped items or heavy, fragile items, it can be tricky to figure out.

Using suspension and retention packaging or foam-in-place packaging will protect your products while showing them off to the customer as soon as they open the box.

Interested in improving the unboxing experience of your products? Contact a Hughes packaging professional today for more information on protective packaging.