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Improve Your Posture and Your Packaging

Improve Your Posture and Your Packaging

Ergonomics is a common term in companies where assembly work, such as packaging, can cause repetitive-motion injuries to employees. It is a buzzword on job sites, where ergonomically designed machines (such as the automated and ergonomic friendly packaging solutions offered at Hughes) and equipment ease the strain of fast-track projects. Furthermore, many businesses have found that ergonomics can increase profits and reduce employee injuries. (Injuries from poor ergonomic conditions typically involve the bones, muscles, joints, tendons, and nerves.)

Many packaging operations require employees to stand in a single location and perform repetitive movements all day and some require heavy lifting or awkward postures to get the final product into its proper packaging. At Hughes, we help to streamline processes and create automated and ergonomic packaging solutions designed to prevent safety concerns such as repetitive motion injuries. When it comes to implementing ergonomic solutions in your packaging operations, check out our recent blog post, “The Importance of Ergonomic Packaging Solutions.”

Stretch It Out
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends some pre-work stretching and flex exercises to help reduce injuries, so we’ve provided a few below:

• Back Stretch– Stand with your feet apart and reach one hand up above your head at a time gradually leaning to the other side. Hold the stretch for at least 15 seconds then repeat on the other side.
• Leg Stretch- Stretch out your hips and quadriceps (tops of the legs) by lifting up one leg behind you and holding on to your ankle with the same hand. Use one arm to lift the heel toward the buttocks and the other arm to help you balance. Hold the stretch for at least 15 seconds then repeat on the other side.
• Upper Body Stretch- Stretch your shoulders and chest by sticking your arms out to your sides then bend your elbows until your fingers are pointed toward the ceiling. Gently pull your arms back and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Hold for 15 seconds then relax and repeat.
• Forearm Stretch- Hold one arm out straight in front of your body, fingers pointed toward the ceiling, with the other hand, gently pull the fingers toward your body. Hold for 15 seconds then relax and repeat on the other side. Stretch the other side of your forearm by changing the starting position of the hand with the fingers pointing toward the ground.
• Take Short Breaks- Taking short breaks from what you’re doing can also be helpful and decrease work injuries, according to OSHA. Doing your job can sometimes cause you to stand or sit in awkward positions for excessive periods of time, which can lead to wear and tear or localized fatigue.

Equip Your Operating Line
If you’re a forward-thinking company that is ready to equip your operating lines with ergonomic packaging solutions, turn to the experts at Hughes. Ergonomics plays a valuable part in daily operations, so take the steps to prevent repetitive motion injuries in the distribution center or on the line. For more information please contact a Hughes Enterprises Packaging Consultant.

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