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Increasing Brand Awareness through Product Packaging

Increasing Brand Awareness through Product Packaging

Product packaging goes beyond cardboard and tape. Quality and customized packaging can help your company to increase brand awareness by standing out from close competitors. Using creativity, anything from a custom box or bag to unique label colors can help you accomplish your brand awareness goals.

Choose Quality
True, it’s expected for customers to like (and be repeat customers making repeat purchases) because of its performance and reliability. But in the chance a potential buyer gets the wrong impression because of a cheap looking package, it’s essential to consider the quality of material you use for your packaging. Numerous studies have shown that first impressions really are crucial, and undoing the harm caused by a bad first impression can be near impossible. For businesses, there isn’t any wiggle room to ignore the power of a first impression (just 7 seconds, actually). So, be innovative and differentiate from your competitors, but choose quality to remind consumers that your brand is just that: quality.

Be Innovative
Colors and logo displays can go a long way. A study published by the European Journal of Scientific Research shows how vivid colors and descriptive pictures have a positive impact on customers’ moods. An eye catching package is a competitive advantage for any kind of product. Analyze the feelings you’re hoping to evoke (earthy colors for natural or organic products, for example). Hughes offers custom print Water Activated Tape (Gum Tape) or pressure sensitive tape. Custom printed tape and labeling are just a couple ways that can make your product stand out and add to the advertising. See our blog post, “Adding Life to Your Products with Thermal Transfer Ribbons” for more information on labeling.

Think Outside the Box (As In…a Bag)
Don’t be afraid to try new things, as long as there is a good plan behind and they can do something for your brand. Get creative and use custom printed bags to give your company’s brand a polished and professional look. Something as simple as adding your logo can turn a plain mailing bag into an eye-catching package- all you need is a little imagination. Find out more about how mailing envelopes can increase your brand awareness in our blog post, “Think Outside the Box: Make the Switch from Boxes to Bags.”

Hughes Can Help
By taking time to learn about your customer’s business needs, you have the opportunity to identify areas in your operation where color can improve customer service and reduce costly errors. When choosing a label for a product, you need to consider the packaging requirements and also the reliability of the case labeling equipment. Hughes’ ID Technology, a division of Pro Mach, is a fast growing national provider of case label printing applicators, bar coding machines, and laser marking equipment, peripherals, supplies and service. You will find just about any label you are looking for with Hughes; for help with ordering your packaging labels for your shipping and packaging operation contact a Hughes sales representative for assistance.