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Increase Your Brand’s Value Through Strategic Packaging

Increase Your Brand’s Value Through Strategic Packaging

woman opening a cardboard box

Companies in all verticals invest their resources in engineering the best product they can offer for their customers. After all, the better a product is, the better chance it has to succeed on the market. But there are still other factors to consider when creating a stellar product. In today’s world, the consumer experience goes beyond just the product they’ve purchased. With a majority of business done online, your customer’s first physical impression is often a package. That’s why it’s important to consider increasing brand value through strategic packaging.

Most companies have spent so much time and energy in creating an exceptional product, that packaging simply becomes an afterthought. However, that can be a huge mistake. E-commerce packaging is not only an integral part of your product, but it also has the power to increase your brand’s value.

One Chance to Make a First Impression

Many companies fail to remember that the very first impression a customer has of your brand is the packaging. Since more and more consumers are making their purchases online, the first thing they see is the corrugated box your product comes in. This is often a missed opportunity for branding.

To foster brand loyalty and create a memorable e-commerce unboxing experience, your packaging is key. Your product needs to tell its story right from the start. Strategic packaging is the answer.

‘Unboxing’ is a Sport

Are you familiar with the term ‘unboxing?’ This term has become a phenomenon over the last several years. In the past, people used to simply walk into a store to purchase an item. The item was then placed inside a branded bag and off the customer went.

Today, most products reach the consumer by mail. This creates an entirely new level of anticipation and excitement for the customer. Not unlike opening a gift on Christmas Day, many people like to soak in the process of unwrapping their packages. This is called ‘unboxing,’ and it is now an integral part of the consumer experience. There are even hundreds of YouTube channels devoted specifically to unboxing items.

Your Customer’s Unboxing Experience

How your customers feel about unboxing your product has been shown to have a profound impact on their overall satisfaction. You don’t just want a satisfied customer. You want a lifelong fan.

When the customer feels like they are getting more than what they paid for, this is referred to as customer surplus. Strategic e-commerce packaging largely comes into play here. Your customer can open the very same product with average packaging and may be satisfied. But if your packaging is poorly done, this decreases the perceptive value of your brand. Even if they received the same exact product, a customer can feel less satisfied with their purchase if it is presented poorly.

In parallel, exceptional packaging has the opportunity to increase the perceived value of the product. This can truly become an experience for your customer when designed strategically for your industry

The COVID-19 Impact

COVID-19 has changed the way many people do business and consume goods and services. There has been an enormous shift to e-commerce for everyone. People are not going out if they don’t have to, and many retail locations across the country remain shuttered.

For many businesses, e-commerce is now the only way to sell their products. The customer notices everything. People today have both the time and the power to record ‘unboxing’ videos, write reviews, and post on their social media all about your products. One poor customer experience has the potential to lead to dozens more, simply due to the easy access of information right on our phones. 

Don’t allow your brand to be impacted negatively by unsatisfactory packaging. You’ve spent significant time honing your product and brand. Putting the same effort into your packaging will escalate your brand. This will only serve to create more brand loyalty and increase your customer base. 

At Hughes Enterprises, we are the strategic packaging partner you need. We have been in business close to seventy years, and we know how to properly package your products. From design to efficiency, we are experts in the e-commerce packaging process. No matter what type of product you manufacture, Hughes Enterprises knows how to package it.

Increase the value of your brand through the right kind of packaging. Give your customer the kind of unboxing experience they want to share with others. The better the experience the consumer has, the more likely they are to tell someone about it. At Hughes Enterprises, we are ready to take on all of your packaging needs.