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E-Commerce End-of-Line Packaging

We Bring Your Products to Customers Safely and Securely

E-Commerce End-of-Line Packaging


Hughes Enterprises leads the packaging industry in assisting companies with their e-commerce and fulfillment strategies. With our headquarters in Pennsylvania and 10 regional offices all over the country, we deliver efficient corporate, marketing and distribution solutions to e-commerce businesses.

As an online merchant, you regularly need to enhance your systems to keep up with your customers’ demands without bumping up your production expenses. On top of that, you must find shipping solutions that bring your products to end-users safely and securely. You can do all of these with the right e-commerce packaging partner.

Hughes Enterprises can be that reliable packaging distributor for your online business and so much more. We have been in the industry since 1950, and over the years we have delivered solutions that helped our clients address operational issues and consumer demands.

When you choose us as your knowledgeable packaging consultants, you gain a reliable extension of your team. This is because we invest time in understanding your e-commerce operations and business goals. Ultimately, you can count on us to support your packaging and shipping needs through the lifetime of your equipment.

The highlight of having Hughes Enterprises as your e-commerce packaging distributor is that we enable you to set your business apart from the rest. Through our partnerships with big manufacturing brands like Wexxar/BEL, Combi Packaing, 3M, Pregis and Intertape Polymer, we ensure your high-quality packaging creates a positive experience for your online shoppers.

The Challenge

Obstacles Online Merchants Must Overcome to Keep Impressing Customers


Running an e-commerce business is not limited to manufacturing products. Other aspects like designing your packaging and improving your shipping procedure are crucial to your online store’s growth. In particular, you need to:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction by customizing packaging designs

  • Develop packaging that represents your company’s brand well

  • Find cost-efficient packaging solutions that minimize damage

  • Right-size your products

  • Reduce labor costs

For nearly half a century, we’ve helped our clients accomplish these goals and enhance their overall processes. We go beyond developing simple packaging solutions; as your trusted consultants, we take the time to identify areas for improvement within your systems and determine the best ways to upgrade your unboxing experience.

E-Commerce Packaging Solutions

Comprehensive End-of-Line Services to Accommodate Your Needs


We understand that overseeing and enhancing e-commerce operations is not an easy task. As an online merchant, you need to improve your production and marketing efforts while reducing your logistics costs. This is why our packaging consultants analyze current trends, implement innovative packaging solutions and even provide you with technical training.

To give you an idea, here are some of the e-commerce packaging solutions we offer:

  • Folding cartons

  • Sustainable solutions

  • Cold chain packaging

  • Random case packaging

  • We can also deliver these solutions to accommodate your specific needs:

Automated packaging solutions to reduce manual labor

  • Eco-friendly mailers

  • Custom-printed box sealing tape

  • Brand enhancement through packaging

  • Reverse logistic automation

  • Damage protection

Whether you need to reduce overhead and shipping costs, minimize damages or improve your unboxing experience, Hughes Enterprises is here to help. We enable you to achieve your goals and wow your customers, but we’re also here to build a fruitful partnership with you.

If you need help with streamlining your operations or impressing your shoppers, discuss your requirements with us and we’ll get right on it.

How We’ve Become The Go-To E-Commerce Packaging Distributor

Our Innovative Solutions Help Our Clients Succeed

Major U.S. Electronics Distributor

A U.S. distributor for a major electronics brand approached Hughes Enterprises needing help with their packaging process. As the sole distributor in the country, they ship a wide variety of products from their distribution centers. They needed to keep up with demand and improve their attention to detail during packaging without slowing down the process.

Our e-commerce packaging consultants saw that multiple machines and changeover delays were stalling their operations, so we decided to implement a Combi Robotic Random Case Erector (RCE). This single unit selects the appropriate size case from various options, eliminating the need for additional case-forming machines.

We integrated these RCE units into two distribution centers, and they replaced a total of eight case erectors. They also removed delays caused by changeovers. All in all, our client was able to increase their production rate by 300%, automate DIM weight-conscious packaging and reduce manual labor time.

New Jersey E-commerce Company

An e-commerce company based in New Jersey reached out to us with the need for a more efficient packaging process. Every year, their business ships several million items sold through catalogs, infomercials and online sales. The most significant challenge in upgrading their packaging system is that they ship a wide variety of shapes and sizes of products.

Although automating their shipping process was an overwhelming change, the client eventually decided to invest in it. We installed a Sealed Air FloWrap automated packaging system to enhance their process and help them get 12 million bags ready to ship.

With the automated packaging system in place, our client no longer needed to manually bag the majority of their products. This enabled them to reduce man-hours while nearly tripling their product throughput. Ultimately, using bags instead of boxes reduces the amount of space they need to pay for in shipping costs, bringing down their expenses as well.

Hughes Enterprises E-Commerce Packaging Services

Unparalleled Offerings That Help Grow Your Business

Custom Engineering Solutions

At Hughes Enterprises, we invest time in studying your systems, processes and equipment to recommend the right solutions for you. Whether you need packaging line integration, corrugated packaging design, eco-friendly mailers or right-sized packaging to meet DIM weight regulations, we’re here to help you develop an effective packaging line.

Alliance Program

This is an exclusive program we’ve developed to express our appreciation to our loyal customers. Through this initiative, we provide members with various benefits like item and system analysis, optimized machine settings, inventory management, loaner machinery and on-site maintenance from trained support technicians.

Integrated Packaging

As your trusted packaging distributor, we deliver comprehensive packaging solutions to streamline your operations. We leverage our skills and expertise to design, implement and maintain your entire packaging line — from filing primary packages and case sealing to case labeling, stretch wrapping and palletizing.

National Packaging Programs

Hughes Enterprises is a 3M Premier Service Distributor. Through this partnership, we’re able to utilize the newest 3M products to provide value to our customers. We’re also a member of the Packaging Distributors of America. This affiliation enables us to give you the expertise of a national company and the personal attention of a regional partner.

Why Choose Hughes Enterprises for E-Commerce Packaging

Expert Consultants Providing You With Smart and Strategic Guidance

Our packaging consultants help you design, implement and maintain your innovative packaging systems from start to finish.


While equipment downtime is inevitable, we make sure we’re there to support your operations around the clock.


For more than 70 years, we have helped online merchants upgrade their processes and achieve their goals.