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End-of-Line Beverage Packaging

Custom Beverage Packaging Experts Who Help Support Your Production Rate

End-of-Line Beverage Packaging


Hughes Enterprises is one of the leading companies in the packaging and shipping industry. We are based in Levittown, Pennsylvania and have 10 regional offices nationwide to better serve customers across various industries and locations.

Beverage manufacturing is a popular industry that generates billions of dollars each year. On top of that, statistics published by AP News show that the global beverage industry will continue to grow and reach $1.8 trillion by 2024. With that said, it isn’t without challenges. One of the main aspects manufacturers struggle with is packaging and distribution. Securely transporting liquids is not an easy task, so companies need to actively identify and resolve issues in the distribution process to safeguard their bottom line.

Hughes Enterprises is here to address these needs and so much more. We leverage our more than 70 years in the industry and in-depth knowledge to deliver up-to-date beverage packaging solutions to our customers. Moreover, we offer a reliable 24-hour service. This means we get to provide our clients with the advantage of partnering with an established national distributor along with the personalized attention of a local provider.

With us as your packaging consultant, you also gain an extension of your team that’s genuinely invested in your business. We take the time to understand your existing processes and challenges to develop the right beverage packaging system for you. Ultimately, we work with you to boost your production rate and improve your revenue.

An advantage of partnering with us is that we work with some of the leading names in manufacturing. We team up with Combi, Sealed Air, Pregis, Lantech, and other big brands to develop beverage packaging solutions you can depend on.

The Challenge

Obstacles in Beverage Packaging That Manufacturers Need To Actively Address


As a business in the beverage manufacturing industry, we understand that you have to tackle crucial tasks in your daily operations. These include overseeing machine operators, ensuring your processes comply with food safety regulations, and maintaining equipment. On top of that, you also have to look at the bigger picture and:

  • Manage new distribution channels

  • Reduce risks for tampering

  • Package and ship products promptly

  • Meet the demands of fast-paced growth

  • Keep up with the trends in the beverage packaging industry

If you want to start overcoming your trickiest packaging obstacles, don’t hesitate to contact our packaging experts. We proactively solve various beverage packaging pain points with advanced and cost-efficient solutions.

Custom Beverage Packaging Solutions

Bespoke Engineering Solutions That Meet Your Most Specific Needs


We understand that every beverage manufacturing business has unique systems, packaging processes, challenges, and goals. For example, some may be looking to reduce manual labor costs while others need to accommodate their consumers’ ever-increasing demands. As such, we believe that using the right equipment is key to addressing these unique needs and ultimately getting the best results.

Hughes Enterprises offers custom beverage packaging solutions such as:

  • Temperature maintenance packaging

  • Eco-friendly, sustainable packaging

  • Barrier films

  • Damage protection

We also offer these services to accommodate specific requirements:

  • Automated packaging solutions to reduce manual labor

  • Stainless steel washdown for automated equipment

  • Flexible packaging

As an industry innovator, we go above and beyond to provide relevant and cost-effective beverage packaging solutions for any scenario. We leverage our extensive experience working with beverage operations of every size to meet various requirements, from automation and safety improvements to space savings and a variety of packaging options.

If you are interested in adopting custom-engineered packaging lines to improve your production process, simply get in touch with us. We’ll work with you to achieve your unique goals while getting your products to market in a faster, safer, and more affordable way.

Hughes Enterprises Beverage Packaging Services

Top-of-the-Line Beverage Packaging Resources That Support Business Growth

Custom Engineering Solutions

We understand that developing an effective beverage packaging line is more than just boxes. This is why our packaging consultants take the time to analyze your systems, equipment, and processes before implementing any solution. As a result, you can trust Hughes Enterprises to build end-of-line systems that support your needs and work as hard as you do.

Alliance Program

We’ve developed the Hughes Enterprises Alliance Program to show our appreciation for our loyal customers. Here, program members enjoy discounted service agreements, preventive maintenance contracts, 24-hour priority service and more. These rewards are designed to help our customers minimize delays and operate at their peak performance at all times

Integrated Packaging

We are your full-service beverage packaging partner. This means that our consultants are always here to offer recommendations that address your packaging roadblocks, support your marketing initiatives, meet your safety requirements, and much more. Ultimately, you can count on them to design, implement and maintain your streamlined beverage packaging line.

National Packaging Programs

Hughes Enterprises is a proud member of one of the largest associations of packaging distributors globally, the Packaging Distributors of America (PDA). With this affiliation, we offer you the knowledge, information, technology and innovation of a national company while providing you with a dedicated local team to support your daily needs.

Why Choose Hughes Enterprises for Beverage Packaging

Professional and Reliable Packaging Experts You Can Always Depend On

Choosing Hughes Enterprises means gaining an extension of your operations team who will work alongside you. As such, you can trust that we’ll be there to offer smart recommendations and improve your beverage packaging process from start to finish.


Downtime and interruptions can occur at any time. Luckily, your packaging team at Hughes Enterprises are available around the clock to give you reliable support whenever you need it. We’re always ready to resolve any issues to help you reduce delays and bottlenecks.


Hughes Enterprises has been an industry innovator committed to customer satisfaction since 1950. Through the years, we have fine-tuned our offerings to help numerous beverage packaging companies improve their processes — and we’d be more than happy to extend this excellence to your business.

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